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  1. Wait, bns isn't generic? Because I am sure outside of the pvp, the game feels like every other theme parked mmo since the early 2000's in design.
  2. I shall pose you a riddle, humor me. If A+B=C, Yet when B is removed, no matter what you insert it equals c. And Let's say when you remove A, C changes. A is the server, c is good ping, B is their net. If B is fine, Yet when applied to A no longer is...what is logically the issue? The B which has proven to equal C with all else, or the A?
  3. I hate to say it, he's right. Several friends left because the games pve was mediocre, and they we're being forced to do pvp for zen beans to get up their gear. Also If classes aren't near balance, this is doubly frustrating. Grant it I am not Diamond or the top 100, but you shouldn't have to be top tier to see the game as "Balanced." Despite atm it's so obviously not. Now I have no doubt that in due time things will be close enough, but as of now I feel there is a clear gap between some classes and others. I have no issue allowing pvp to give zen for soul stones, but there should be another o
  4. BDO is coming, it's a decent open world sandbox MMO. Keep in mind Sandbox MMO's are about you and friends crafting your own experiences, not so much running dung and raids. This is a theme park mmo's staple. Which means it won't be everyone cup of tea. Personally though, I am gonna play both. BnS for the pvp, BDO for the open world and guild based pvp system. Combat in both games are good, BDO is hack n slash, which despite what some people claim is not bad at all. While BnS is more tactical...I use tactical lightly because rarely do I feel the need to play super smart. But by comparison BnS i
  5. Right now BM have the lowest burn. Furthermore even if this was somehow true, which it isn't trust me I have said skills. You need to get your HM skills to pull it off. While other classes are basically given high burst. So you need to max everything out, get lucky or drop a crap ton of gold on your Hm skills. While a LBD can burn without, Destroyer and fm.
  6. No need, if they haven't resolved it now they won't. I am assuming they are projecting the population to dry up soon.
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