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  1. Why is none answering in "SAY"?

    Honestly it could also be they can't chat due to the new restrictions on low levels.
  2. Chat restrictions inconvenience more than help

    It's impossibly dumb. Wanna party? To bad. Wanna emote? To bad. Wanna say anything? TO BAD! And what does faction chat look like? A wall of "Buy gold buy buy buy 100 gold 50 usd buy buy" Good job at kicking your players in the teeth and once again doing nothing to the bots. Quite literally impossible to communicate at all at the moment before level 11, but i'm sure no one would want to type something or request to join a clan for the first few HOURS of the game. /rant
  3. Stand fast iron wall of BnS defenders. You will soon kick everyone with a complaint out of the game and you can throw money endlessly at Ncsoft in peace. Seriously though, you can't expect to be compensated for maintenance when you literally signed an agreement saying they don't have to do that. HOWEVER NCsoft asked for your (our) money and time to support the game. They asked for your money before the game was even out The game is finally out and everyone wants to play it and it's not available for 1/4 of the day almost every day? Do they have to compensate players who put their faith in NCsoft and bought premium, items, services? No, absolutely not. Should they do something as a sign of good faith to the people who said "we will support this game that you are offing, and not another game"? It would certainly make my opinion of them a bit more colorful.
  4. Wicked ~ PvX/RP Clan

    I certainly wouldn't mind having someone to talk to. Lonely MMOs suck. IGN is Kiki Poppy, if you're still looking.