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  1. Assasin RMB bug

    I think most of the sins noticed that when you are in stealth and try to do rbm and f sometimes even if you are in range and your opponent is running away from you, rmb doesnt work. Most of us try this being 1 step forward from the opponent in order to reduce the connection difference and try rmb again but yet again it fails most of the time. Hope you guys fix it in the future
  2. Nerf Summoners

    As you can read the title please nerf summoners. I play as an assasin. I fight against all classes and when i get killed i know that yes there is mistake that i make in the fight. But when i play against *cricket* summoners i use my lot of skills to enter stealth get away then attack back in... NO NO NO NO not even working 30 sec pet knock down, gets in stealth impossible to catch, you cannot aircombo cause it PETS STUNS YOU AND PUTS YOU DOWN??! I personally think that summoner class designed mostly to girls and maybe 3 button League of Legend players which you dont need skill to play. Is this how Blade and Soul marketing a class? Hey man we should design a class to brainless people and mostly dont have any mmo experience girls(Im not offending any girls but its the truth). Is this it ? It really puts a huge cliff to balancing the pvp in arena. To all other classes i respect every one of them. If they killed me i know that i made a mistake they got me out of stealth and deserved it. But when fighting against summoners, no i just cant accept cause i know that i was faster i was the one who worked hard and yet im the one who killed. While summoner sits right there pressed only 1 button. Thats not fair and i hope that you guys maybe nerf summoners in the future thank you.
  3. Nerf Summoners

    I personally think that males fit with the action asian concept thats why i play with male char. Imagine that you are watching IP man the movie, I think the main char who is Donnie Yen fits with the concept cause he is faster and when you watch him he delivers that action scene perfect. Of course there are women in the asian action movies they do the kung fu and stuff and its really good but they dont satisfy you comparing to the male performance. Because women are elegant and cute :) .. You cannot put a male char to a drama concept cause the woman will be more successfull than him cause they show emotions better comparing to men. And i wish that every female char in the game were actually a girl that would be fun i think . It would be nice to share the game experience with acutally a girl in real life. Not a female char who is actually is a male and has hairy b a l l s :) Thats my idea. And dont get me wrong i also respect your idea too, dont get offended :p
  4. Nerf Summoners

    And another thing when chasing summoner even if you are near the summoner you cannot rmb and f. So blade and soul fix this thing about assasins cause its basicly a bug.
  5. Nerf Summoners

    If you have KFM And Destro you basicly can understand when you play as a summoner you dont have to give your %100 focus to win so thats unfair they should nerf it And in order me to get in the diamond i shouldnt face with summoners Rage and you know it. But when you come across 5 summoners in a row you basicly cannot get out of gold thats the point
  6. I mean i personally dont understand what are you guys trying to do really. Isnt blade and soul is well known mmo game ? Why we cant get the full content game?. Do you see something like this in World of Warcraft? US servers plays the level 40 content and Eu plays level 60 content other servers plays the level 100 content ? No... Cause they have logic. Everyone in the world plays the same content. Take League of Legends do you see something like this ? Eu has 5 champions and Us got 20 ? No.. Cause they have logic. So where is your logic guys ? Why are you toying with the players in Eu ? We want to play this game fully updated and FULL BALANCED CLASSES. Stop treating EU and NA like a *cricket* orphan child and update please.
  7. Why eu is behind 20 years of korean servers

    I wouldnt complain but some of us complain i guess
  8. Why eu is behind 20 years of korean servers

    dont understand why ppl qq. If the korea server 100 steps away you will walk those steps so the game can be fully updated np with that
  9. Why eu is behind 20 years of korean servers

    Meiling rushing ? Lets say that in order to get the last weapon you need 20.000 gold right? If they update the game fully what will change ? nothing. you still need the 20.000 gold. So why bothering just update game fully thats what i mean
  10. Why eu is behind 20 years of korean servers

    Axxuka you said that " You can't just send Act VI-VII at Day 1 and expect people to do all the gearing and end-game gradually in one go with the weapon Evolution system. " Imagine that you updated the game fully whats the harm? Either way he or she have to gear up. When you update the game full content ofc people not gonna get the last wepaon in 1 go. They will take their time to get it and its their responsibility. Dont you think the same way ? At least they will see the finishing line and give them burst to play to finish
  11. Why eu is behind 20 years of korean servers

    I am just saying that seeing korea and other servers a head of us its depressing.
  12. Does anyone have the same problem? I log into game without any problem, after that i go into arena then i got disconnected somehow. My internet connection is fine or what so ever.
  13. Bots in the arena

    Can someone explain why do we fight against bots instead of actual players in the arena?
  14. Group of Cerulean people complained yesterday about open world pvp yesterday and i think that most of you doesnt understand what open pvp world means...Let me tell you something first, if you are in the open world pvp area doesnt matter which level you are i can kill you where ever i want. I can troll you, i can do anything. Because its open world pvp and you are free to do anything. If you are complaining you shouldnt wear damn uniform ok? I can make a party with my friends and nuke everyone, im not getting my epic items just to sit around and pick flowers in the field. Im getting them to use on my enemies simple is that. If you are complaining then stop going there. Dont expect me to act like world of warcraft players who sits at oggrimar or stormwind show off their items do nothing. Prepare before you go to pvp area and stop crying. Im getting ganged too but i know that its open pvp and i dont grief to other players ''why you are killing me during my quest'' . Thats too weird. So learn pvp and build items, stop crying. GG
  15. pvp abuse

    Frıends can join and do anything to you if you are wearing that costume. Stop complaining or be ready to fight in open area pvp. By the way i think they done a great job great trolling :p