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  1. This is what you don't understand, we used to have an option. Now we have no options. The "options" are 25ssc and 10g, or 30ssc and 10g. That's not an option. It's nearly the same thing. If you're going to try to refute the math please use numbers. Because right now you are just full of bs.
  2. Luckily for those of us that live in reality we have Mathematics. The new change nearly doubles the cost of legendary jewels/elements if you don't have a surplus of soulstone crystals. If you are trying to buy your items off of the market, (completely ignoring powders which are a pain). You need what appears to be on 5 soulstone crystals per element, (I rarely got 4+ elements per transmute to the point it was laughable to think I should even factor it in). So 25 soulstone crystals. Soulstones are currently going for nearly 1 gold each. That means I have to spend 25 gold in materials + 10 gold to buy the item. So 35 gold for each element. That means you have increased the price of legendary jewels/elements by 75% minimum. There is no refuting this information. It is not an opinion, or a preference, or what I think it should be or not be. It is basic math and these are the prices of these items. Maybe you like farming these dungeons? Fine. you could have done that before. This was an update that was veiled as a change to make the elements cost less, and instead the prices have been nearly doubled. Now, maybe you have a stockpile of soulstone crystals saved up? Good for you. For those that don't our only option is to farm dungeons for weeks or p2win. This is an absolutely terrible change and every day this change remains in production is a disgrace that demonstrates the companies incompetence, and their basic ability to understand supply & demand when making economic decisions. edit: and to be clear when I say you could have farmed the dungeons before. I'm saying before we had the option for 30 ssc + 10 gold/jewel or 20 gold per jewel. We now have a choice between 30 scc or 25ssc per jewel. There's very small difference and since all means of acquiring legendary jewels/elements are now bound to ssc Soulstone prices have skyrocketed. If you're going to give options they need to not be nearly the same cost and pure gold should always be a comparable alternative or you set no ceiling for the market.
  3. I like the new frequency of communication in addition to giving their reasoning behind changes, and also a vision into the future of what they want BnS to be. However, Can we please communicate to NCSoft that we would like these balancing changes and QoL changes sooners than 6 months from now? I understand delaying content that needs to be localised but I think these changes are important and don't require the same amount of localization as content. For example my friend that I originally played with on the 45 patch came back to the game with me about a month ago. I'm still playing, he lasted about an hour because in combat movement was terrible on the destroyer and trying to do the story was not fun.
  4. FM Dynasty Mystic badge is the new MSP garbage

    Do you read KR changes before you come and whine on NA forums? They have already buffed this badge 2000% (it's now 7250%) on KR. Whine for them to give us the balance changes already on KR, not for them to make changes they have already made.