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  1. How reduced is the amount ? Is it to the point I will regret recently going Awakened siren (In the sense : does it make Oathbreaker easier too ?) ? And by how much is it reduced, any new recipe anywhere ? Thanks
  2. Alt and re-roll will be possible once they stop the aggressive release schedule (in order to be eligible for world's championship). Normally we would stale 2-3 months in each content update we got up to now. Double/triple the time you have to spend to gear up for the next patch and you have the time for an alt, but right now, it's almost impossible unless you're really dedicated or hardcore on this game. Since DECEMBER act VII update, Korea only got one Dungeon update (infinity Tower), which means at least 3 months stalling in the same area. Which also means that, under normal cir
  3. Because it drives out new players, Happily I'm not one of those and I was scared this attitude was more ''popular'' (sorry lack of words) than I thought. I'm playing the Slow catch-up game on my warlock since I can only play this game casually and played FM at first. People are already complaining for server population getting lower and I see alot of quitting thread. Elitism doesn't help (even if understandable at lvl 50 purples) and drives off the new players we need to get the servers up and running with a smooth population. Just trying to sensibilise the veterans and 50s out the
  4. RELEASE GAME NOW NOW NWOW DJADJOBVDFOJS BDFSOJ RELEASE WARLOCK ENVLEJBVEBREJLBVRF RELEASE 50 PATCH OR I QUIT I GIVE YOU 2 WEEKS FOR CHI MASTER OR I QUIT AGAIN I wonder what you guys will QQ about next. You'Re certainly not ready to be 3-6 months behind Korea and wait a good 3-6 months for another class releases AFTER Korea gets it. Korea had to wait Act VII to get Chi master released, get over it already, our waiting time is incredibly short. And Those telling he won't be released in time for worlds ? Think a little, they are rushing
  5. probably in May, now that we got lvl 50, big part for World championship and Hongmoon skills are done. I expect Soul Fighter in June too I know the story is epic in Act IV, but I really wish a breather so we can gear up properly for Asura and act V this time around. As a warlock it'S even worse as we only got 3 weeks to do as much as possible before lvl 50 patch.
  6. When it comes to 4-man, maybe even 6-man lvl 50 purple dungeons, I perfectly understand, but when it's about lvl 45 purple dungeons, it gets too far. The only requirement for lvl 45 dungeons should be decent HP for Naryu Lab, but people ask the same requirement for 6-man 50 purples at BSH...
  7. THANKS for getting it. And now someone expect to run a 24-man dungeon that takes a good hour for a chance at 1-2 soulshield when Blooshade 6-man gets you 5 for about 30min-45min depending of the team *facepalm* It's not like I'm that much of a scrub, still have 352AP with the low-gear I have. problem is HP and I need BSH SS for it but I got faced against harsh elitism and I wanted to talk some sense into people so it happens less often and explain a new player reality in the new end-game.
  8. 24-man drop rate are poop for soulshield and Blooshade SS is the new starter since Lab is way too harsh for someone at 20k Ish HP. Nobody farm moonwater arena SS anymore
  9. I'm enough geared for BloodShade, I can carry my own weight there but not lab (because I need better soulshield) and be useful enough to not be a weight, but I need that soulshield and people judge right away forgetting this end game was more than doable in true profane (hey, if I can't farm siren/pirate in profane there'S a prob because that's what next). Nobody farms moonwater arena anymore and I have enough HP to survive. Tyvm. EDIT : How can we expect people to farm siren/pirate if they get bitched at like I did for farming it in True profane when Siren is next ??
  10. You can't join a Bloodshade harbor in True profane for gearing up without someone complaining : OH LOL, MY GOD, a lvl 46, we are so screwed. Not even sarcasm, got bitched ALOT for trying to gear up before starting Lab and Silverfrost dungeons. Hey I need that Bloodshade SS to get Naryu SS without being a weight on my team and also start Mushin tower dailies for my evolution gear. I Don't mind Elitism, it's not a rant, but can lvl-up dungeons stay level-up dungeons ? I need to get my gear somewhere and I need to start somewhere as a new player. I know I need siren and pi
  11. thanks for confirming nobody had done that yet except ''low drop rate''
  12. @Rukkirii It's almost the end of another week, any good/bad news coming or ETA about it or still investigating ? EDIT : Same problem with siren accessories ???
  13. Connect to channel 5 20 min before the event starts, GG. Sorry if your Internet is bad or if you come from Australia.
  14. For the millionth time, if you read : The only way to get Pirate Belt AND Bracelet is through Pirate Emblem. Since 24-man NSH is dead, you get only one emblem a day... You still and will still need Pirate bracelet as your STARTER bracelet for the rest of the game and Pirate Belt to advance your Siren Belt which will ALSO follow you for the rest of the game. Accessories will still go through Through Pirate and Siren, that's not changed. You need Awakened pirate for the bracelet (Starts at Pirate Bracelet), Awakened Siren Belt (Pirate Belt required) and True Siren for the rest bef
  15. You guys need to understand that the biggest majority of the time, if it's not UI, CashShop or Translation related : They need the Developpers in Korea to fix the bugs for them. AND SORRY, we are not the only version that the Korean Devs have to find bugfixes and investigate for. There's a priority list in Korea depending of the scale and how gamebreaking is the bug. It will get fixed, but NCSoft has no control on when They will send the patch (and they gotta test it through Q&A first, takes time), if they gotta wait a content update patch for the fix or even if the Devs will fix or change
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