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  1. NCSoft, kill this shit while you still can. EDIT: I said multiboxers earlier, which is still valid - *cricket* multiboxers - but this is more about bots in Razorwing achievment farming.
  2. i love you and your stupid face, i had no idea those keys could be sold in the market place!!!
  3. I, Yuk Gisan, will crush you!

    oh damn, i didn't even think about that. i thought maybe there was some quest info i missed or a backstory there. whoops.
  4. BDO testing is open for registration

    this right here.
  5. I, Yuk Gisan, will crush you!

    bippity-bump. does anyone know why in the hell he calls himself that? i think a few other NPCs refer to him as yuk gisan as well.
  6. hey man i have like nine golden deva lynblades, and two or three of every other class's weapons - four or five warlock daggers! everything, except, you know. kfm fists. which is what i need. fml.
  7. at this stage, BnS is just for killing time until BD releases - here's hoping that one won't be ruined by slimeballs.
  8. bruh your name is yigan - who the hell is yuk gisan?
  9. Pay2win or not, opinions?

    man, op, you opened yourself up to a fanboy gangbang with this one. the fact is that RNGboxes are ominous as hell, and the contents of the current one are indeed troubling. it's going to impact the market, and hard i imagine. i'm biding my time to see what comes next, but i have the lowest expectations and have already decided NCSoft won't get any more of my money until the game dies or they listen to us and decide not to put anymore of that shit on the store. if another box shows up, i'll be going somewhere else - the world doesn't need another Trion Worlds, and i'll be damned if i help sow one.
  10. bruh if this is how they operate, i have no desire to deal with NCSoft in any capacity ever again. i've looked forward to this game for a while. all i wanted was a big booby gon lady in yellow dahlia and an extra character slot. if they legitimately say *cricket* my card and my money, they can legitimately go *cricket* themselves. the RNGbox business has me on the fence anyway - let the bastards tell me i can't pay for an extra character slot for some ridiculous reason and i'm outtie.
  11. hey, i got *cricket*ing flagged for buying five then ten. i can't make any more purchases and *cricket*ing NOBODY has responded to my ticket. i'm like three hours away from saying *cricket* this game and going through the chargeback process myself. *cricket*ing ridiculous.