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  1. Soulshield atm

    That combo maxes out possible crit enchant on each tablet, along with HP/ACC/crit and def - considering most classes want as much HP/Crit/def and acc - that combo seems to be the best at maximizing it.
  2. Soulshield atm

    Think with this new content, the only real setup is probably the : 1 laby / 2 tower / 3 BSH / 4 laby / 5 BSH / 6 laby / 7 BSH / 8 laby.
  3. Think it just depends on the servers and time. I play on a german server and I see bots farming SoulStones for faction every single morning. But I have yet to see a single bot in the arena. Weird.
  4. How to deal with BD as a Destroyer

    I tried it, and it works to some extent, but I realized that it kind of wasn't my fault entirely and the struggle was real. Checked my ping in arena and it's from 220 to 270. Gotta love how EU servers have the same freaking ping as *cricket* China. This when on other games with servers in Germany - like the Dota 2 servers, I got 16 to 22 ping. Guess I just got to accept that the border of gold with platinum is as far as I can go. Thanks for the help. /LOCK imo.
  5. How to deal with BD as a Destroyer

    Thanks for the help. I will try these after the update/maintenance and see how it goes. From what I can tell, me keeping the tab up for their phantom grip to counter the draw stance/rod seems to be a mistake, also keeping in close range so that my Blitz and Ram are not as obvious and easy to dodge with q and e
  6. So i started pvping with my destroyer (lvl 45 - HM 1) a few days ago and little by little I have learned to deal with most classes unless the opponent is a way better player or I am just too bored to do things proper. I've learned to fight almost all classes and counter them most of the time. All except BD. I just ... I just ... Well, I can beat most BD's, but even the average ones require really good timing on my part, and them *cricket*ing up repeatedly. It seems to me that the BD is just a way better version of a destroyer : Their air combos don't require focus so they can spin without actually backfiring on them (I run out of focus, I am a dead fish) 5 seconds damage immunity Even if they *cricket* up, they can break out of my grab without wasting their tab, while I have to keep my tab for their phantom grip Their air combos are impossible to break out of once they land, and with a bit of timing can be made really freaking long by chaining skills and stuns Their daze skill seems to be better since I takes 2 or 3 tries before I am able to use my F (backflip or whatever) to get out of it Their phantom grip can grab instantly after the 0.5 deflect of the blue spin At this point, I just don't see a way to beat even medium skilled BD's, since all they have to do is either stay further and just dance outside my range and dodge my Ram and Charge with their Q and E, while either waiting for me to run out of focus of slip up and put me in an air combo, then again stay away till their CD is off. I just dropped from platinum rank after getting four blade dancers in a row, and I swear the only way to win is if they manage to *cricket* up 3-4 times real bad. I struggle timing my Ram and Blitz to hit when their blue spin ends but even then they just phase it off with either Q or E since both of these are so slow and obvious that they are easy to dodge. Any tips from higher level Destroyers on how to deal with them? P.S. : Don't give me the red spin, any non-mentally retarded bunny can just backstep and run out of range of it. P.S. 2 : I have tried using the search option on this forum to find similar posts hoping to find some help, but it seems like there arent any or the search function is broken, so dont cry at me about making a "cry topic" or whatever the hell you troll use now. I just need info. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I am over 25 years old with a working microphone, but no real interest in socializing beyond typing in chat and/or following orders Fluent in english, beginner level german High end PC with high speed internet connection. Familiar with PVE mechanics and most PVP ones (limited experience against Sin, Fm - only been pvping for a couple of days) Currently playing a Destroyer in the Crimson Order. (But I'm willing to faction swap) Gold pvp rating. What I'm looking for: I would prefer an english speaking guild or International, I am ok with a german speaking guild but since I am only a beginner - communication might be an issue. I want a guild because I am just sick of struggling to do dailies thru the Cross Server Dungeon or dealing with people that just fail at pve so bad that BSH or E fleet are a pain. Plus with the new content coming soon, with Naryu Labyrinth being a higher skill pve dungeon, I really don't want to party with people that just don't get PVE basics.
  8. Think it depends on the server.
  9. Forced to PVP

    Now everyone got to play the beta. And the game itself is misleading as hell. Yes you get to choose if you want to pvp or not, but if you dont do factions and the pvp dailies you are just shooting yourself in the foot from the get go. Lets not mention the bullshit WORLD PVP where the ZERG faction just waits for the World Boss to spawn for it's regular *cricket*.
  10. Forced to PVP

    It is retarded that the entire system is focused around it. I mean, even if you just want to do your shitty daily quests you have to fight and or turn into a paranoid since there is always some *cricket* assassin in stealth just waiting for you to bend over to pick up a rock for your quest so that he can stab you in the ass. And I hate it when they say that you need to get friends or some shit. Especially when most people enjoy playing solo cause of work or because they just like to have their own time and not having to deal with groups.
  11. Bots Farming Quartz Everywhere.

    I know there are nodes that give more than 1-2-3 quartz, and I guess people freaking camp those like crazy, but the last few days I have yet to see any node that isnt camped by afk bots. Before they would just constantly go in and out of dungeons farming them, but now I have seen multiple destroyers just farming in groups outside, they stopped giving a shit if people see them and just move with their warp speed farming everything in sight.
  12. So where is my archer class

    Who cares about archers, give me a freaking spear user. When I do the lycandi dungeon I always get angry when I see how cool the spear animations are and how awesome of a class that would have been. I mean seriously, the spear and the bow are the most used weapons of war since ... freaking forever and they don't exist as options. Just a serious mind *cricket* IMO.
  13. Korean Daily Dash.. we are sooo getting jipped....LOL

    You cant, you can keep the daily dash drops in the mail, and then claim them on the character of your choice. P.S. : I even quoted you and still didnt see that you said "MAIL" and not storage. I must be really angry about that crap.
  14. Korean Daily Dash.. we are sooo getting jipped....LOL

    I got 2 chars on that account, both 39+. So yeah, super useful.
  15. Korean Daily Dash.. we are sooo getting jipped....LOL

    Since the new daily dash, I have gotten a Viridian key (the one that opens a box directly to your class specific weapon) and those really useful 2 veridian antidotes for the Mitey Infestation. Both useful stuff for my lvl 40 destroyer. WTF is the point of most of those? Especially when the items are not even tradable (I mean the class key).