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  1. No I'm on 99 :'D Premium not worth for just an extra roll imo ^^
  2. Host file is in "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc" for me @LoboW @Varus
  3. Still the same problem :( Was able to survive a few seconds longer though^^
  4. No I don't sadly... I wasn't able to play the game because of disconnects as soon as I log in. Always error (1000)(132, 15100)
  5. @SirLouie you might get banned for using WTFast though...
  6. @SukiSenpai yeah probably will take some time until everything is fixed :/ hf though :) @zmajbear good luck :D
  7. @zmajbear I'd rather wait 15 minutes than not being able to play the game at all^^
  8. @zmajbear I'm just sad that I'm not even able to play for more that 5 seconds without having a DC and I can't find any solution to my problem... @Clusie good night ;)
  9. Why do they have so many problems... It took centuries for this game to be released here and now I still can't play it :(
  10. Seems like you're really bored @Clusie :'D
  11. Can you take a screenshot of it? You installed the launcher from this link? http://launcher.patcher.ncsoft.com/NC-Launcher/NC-LauncherSetup.exe Did you reinstall the game or just the launcher?
  12. I wasn't even able to login yet. Always disconnected from server (1000)(132, 15100) It just disconnects me at the first loading screen or if I'm lucky at the first cutscene before the game starts. Need help on how to fix this :'(
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