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  1. Mail restrictions

    /signed. Really strange that they did this. Fix it asap!
  2. Stupid maintenance time

    I didnt say they dont need to do maintenance on the servers, just every week for 4 hours? Wondering what they are doing? And to the guy quoting me above, i indeed have no idea about game servers. you are right.
  3. Stupid maintenance time

    A server is ment to be running 24/7, else they just bought crappy as cheap servers if they need to take it down every week to make it " healthy " again.
  4. Stupid maintenance time

    Not this stupid line again.. jezus.
  5. Well, when it works i love you all, but when it doesnt work than *cricket*! WORK FASTER! :D
  6. Was just acting that way because you call people without your view on a matter "baby's" and "brats"... "Look at me, i walk my dog!" Well, good for you! Different people, different situations. All these people here feeling better than other people. If the servers of mine go down at work people will also call me asking me what i am doing or expecting compensation becaus they are not getting the service they are paying for. Are they baby's as well? no they are paying customers. Sure maintenance is needed, but 2 times a week for 4+ hours? My boss would laugh at me in my face and kick me out on the streets. Before you come at me with "NO LIFER" blablabla! cry becaus you cannot play! blabla. Im at work, have not played today and will not play for many hours. Now go walk your dog, and keep your arrogant head up high looking down on the "plebs" that are also walking on the street having a different view on matters.
  7. Yeah! HOW DARE HE COMPLAIN THAT HE CANNOT USE WHAT HE PAID FOR.. What a baby! AM I RIGHT!!!! Thinking he can buy a game and play! what the *cricket* is wrong with his mind! Glad they didnt fix these in the 20 beta's BNS had! what else would they have to do during our playtime!!! Damn, wanting to play during the day what a freaking nolifer he is!
  8. Yeah how dare he... Paying money for a game and expecting to play! hahaha what a fool!! Lets all call him Entitled and whiner !
  9. People like to complain....

    You make it sound like they work for free..
  10. 5 Hour Downtime again

    Yes, its a game, and people paid for a service (premium) and are unable to use that service an x amount of hours a week. If people cant use that service people will complain, which they have every right to do. To answer your other question, no, i have not played at all today, im at work just browsing the internet in my lunch break so this maintenance doesnt affect me at all. Just find it strange they need +- 10 hours of maintenance a week, something is strange over there.
  11. 5 Hour Downtime again

    So giving feedback is acting like kids? 2 huge downtimes in a week and we cant say anything about it? pls grow up dude. if there was a huge patch they needed to implement than 5 hours ok. But 2 little things and adding 2 servers take them 5 hours? If i go to my boss and say "Hey, im gonna do some patching in the middle of the day on the file server, gonna take 5 hours 2 times a week.. and if customers call just call them whiny kids" i will get fired before i finish the sentence. But okey "mature" guy.
  12. Not good enough NCSoft. I quit.

    Was gonna buy Premium.... But this shit is just crazy.. So no money for you guys!
  13. people who played alot get acc lock?

    I leave the game running when i go to work, take over the machine at home with teamviewer and start crafting every 30 mins.... But i understand i can get blocked becaus i do this?
  14. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    Agree. Im at work now and cant play.. what else can i do! :D