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  1. Your thoughts on DPS meter so far?

    DPS meter at the training dummy, please.
  2. Stage 7-8 MASSIVE $$$ Grab!!. Shame on you NCSoft!

    It's designed to drain gold out of the system. There are several places in this patch designed to drain gold from the game.
  3. If not moonstones, it will be some other widely needed mat. The game makers fully intend to have certain mats stressed so you have something to do (grind) and for you to eventually get frustrated enough to pay cash and buy relief. It's a formula that works for f2p and if you have no real content to offer the players.
  4. How lucky are you in Windrest?

    It's designed to drain gold from the system. That is it's purpose.
  5. Lvl 10 Premium Benefits

    To get to level 10 in BnS you have to spend something like $1500(?) For that kind of money they would should give you all access to every feature of the game and all the costumes etc. People who pay that much money for the game are literally holding up the roof. They should get everything the game has to offer.
  6. SSP King Grindtooth died too quickly

    I have over 600 AP and still only get it 1/3 of the time, so don't expect too much relief by upgrading :/
  7. Server disconnected

    if you get back in, it kicks you out with same error (11:57AM PST)
  8. Player's Letter - 6/11

    " and then have the audacity to claim the players are responsible for the high price of mats on the market" Yeah, I agree, that part was quite telling. I think the truth is they want these shortages. Why else would you make petnip require stingers (20 for enough to get a full refresh) on top of 4 tiers of weapons and accessories. Meanwhile they keep adding drops that I can't use and can't give to those who can use them...even my alts. The "events", supposedly to help players, have blown up the market over and over. Either they don't know or they know and do it on purpose - neither version paints a good picture. My conclusion on the stream was that only one of the three had any idea how to even acknowledge the concerns of the community.
  9. Another good content creator quits...and here's why

    As the saying goes "you can fool some of the people some of the time..." New games are staring to release for the summer and BnS is old (sour) news. We all wanted the game to be awesome - You had us and managed to turn lovers of the game to haters of the game. You let us down. Sad really.
  10. YEHARA: Server downtime.

    yehara down
  11. Dont save your credit card

    I looked too - no controls that I could find. It does appears when you try to buy ncoin. I can't find a button or page where I can make it not remember it. Anyone know how?
  12. Dont save your credit card

    Now I'm worried - please let us know how this turns out.
  13. State of the game curently

    I wish I had seen your spreadsheet before I paid for the subscription.
  14. OP makes good points and it's important to the health of the game community. If people like him drop, we will be at underpopulated servers quickly. (25g in 40 mins is totally misguided.) Most of us are doing pickup groups (pugs) and are not getting anywhere close to this. Run the purple instances and you inevitably have someone drop which means adding a new player who has to run a ridiculous distance to get to the main party. why? why have this? why isn't there a portal after the boss has been killed? It's bad enough that you had someone drop and slow your progress and now you have people not wanting to join the party. I think we have all waited for long periods while we tried to get someone to join the group who was willing to run the long distance. Just bad design that only aggravates the players. It's supposed to be fun not frustrating. Add in the fact that you actually get weaker as you level up, to the point where you can't get rewards for kills, and you have a catch-22. You need the kills to upgrade but you can't get the reward until you are upgraded lol. Bad design. Think about it - if other players hit the boss hard, your chances of getting credit for the kill and loot drops. Bad design that requires your team to be weak for you to do well. Bad design. There are many things about the game that are extraordinary - there was a lot of thought that went into the first 45 levels. Not hardly as refined after you hit 45. Steady stream of incentives to keep growing coupled with just in time helpful items to help get you there. Worst part of all this is that if you started a new toon now, to experience the another class, you will have to make an extraordinary amount of gold to get the upgrades needed, That hurts the game and the community. Bad design.