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  1. As others have already said you will only lose Gem slots on your pre-legendary - legendary upgrade. After Legendary you won't lose anymore no matter what happens. Chances are you won't even need to get the Gem Hammers as you will most likely get all 6 unlocked by Stage 8, my Baleful Bangle I had 4 for the longest time and then Stage 8 I got my last 2 unlocked during an upgrade.
  2. You should keep them, but go to Pinnacle, depending on where you are with the original ones. When you fully upgrade the original ones you can trade them in for 30 Legendary Gems each which can then be used on your Legendary Accessories that you can get from the various dungeons. It's much better then paying out the gold amount for each gem. Which is 600g total, so multiply that by each accessory and you're looking at 3000g worth of Legendary Gems for a fraction of the price you would have to spend to get them from the Dragon Express. TL:DR Don't get rid of them, upgrade to Pinnacle, use the
  3. It's the same exact skill just different ways to get it, you don't have to get it a second time if you already have it.
  4. I really want the Dagger for my Assassin :'( So I hopefully they'll add an option in to buy them from somewhere or have them drop, as they all look amazing for weapons.
  5. Report Spammer Auto Blocks them and Reports them all at the same time, regular block doesn't report them only stops them from messaging you or seeing their messages in chat. Report Spammer IE Gold Sellers, Bots, etc as I said blocks them and stops them from messaging, they're usually bots anyways so you're never going to get a response.
  6. Would also like the option for the 1 year sub back in too along with the smaller amounts of time as well.
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