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  1. besides the arena and putting on faction clothes, will this have any other forms of pvp? theres factions, will there be faction type wars? anything of interest honestly..
  2. Wheel RNG

  3. Trade items between toons

    simple answer
  4. Debugger?

    oh dont get me wrong i have no idea about your problem.. i wasnt actually attempting to help.. i was just telling you the only 3 things ive ever seen bns support tell ppl to do
  5. Website Cookie Malfunction

    i also started a thread (much less detailed of course) about this and it just got ignored and unacknowledged.. i use chrome . and its beyond annoying when im reading a thread and go to respond only to see im not logged in but i was on the last screen.. then when attempting to sign in ive had it take up to 11 attempts :(
  6. Debugger?

    restart comp, restart router, run as admin .. done all that?? submit ticket.. youre welcome
  7. Blade and Soul Deletion Standby

    1: protection from hackers deleting your chars before you realize 2: to sell char slot expansions
  8. Disconnecting

    you can tweet their support acc @bladeandsoulops so they can tell you to either reset router and run as admin.. or submit a ticket .. glad i could help
  9. Asia Server

    shhhhh the internet is no place for common sense!!
  10. Inappropriate character names.

    i seen a name with the N word uncensored /E or altered .. it was full tilt spelled out correctly
  11. Asia Server

    premium members should have servers shipped to their house!!
  12. Have some question about cinderland!!

  13. Remove the bid system.

    you should spend less time on video games and more time in school...
  14. what logic is it to create a post here and complain rather than use the many ways to contact their actual support .. all ur gonna get here is told off, and maybe 1 forum mod might tell you to put in a ticket..
  15. Idea to fight bots, really simple

    do u know how ez it is to get to lvl 10?? bots are already getting to lvl 15 so they can trade and not have to pay for mail system.. sooo no .. this has worked on other games before but will not work at all here