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  1. Hey, It's cause our Bale is Seraph in KR and our Seraph is Bale in KR. But our Rift and Dawn are the same with KR. So i guess they didnt bother to modify it. Just be careful when you exchange your Nebula stone that all.
  2. Well think what you want but weekly raid 4 flowers 2 min DPS vs everyday around 30-45 min for not even 1 flower per day for me the choice is made, plus flower is account bound so just bring some alt and do it too and send over your main. It will not boost the way to have legendaries SS but it will save your time so you can do others things and that cool.
  3. 4 flowers weekly in 1 run is still better than run msp everyday. Plus this raid is a lot shotter
  4. I guess just wait for Khandar raid, 1 boss to kill 4 flower : 2 from quest, 2 from dynamic
  5. I think there is no flower on daily dash but there plants
  6. Well kinda disagree, you dont have to craft accuracy soul shield, if you upgrade your accessories you have enough accuracy even with bad roll. And in PvP (Whale fiesta) 6v6 you need crit defense but also piercing. I would say focus on crit, crit def and piercing. Accuracy is really no need to fuse wasted of time and money and mats
  7. Your soul was higher than stage 1 ? A clan mate get all the mats they spend and upgrade again
  8. you can refer to this topic As ToffyNexy has mentioned, the development team has been working on a pet "glamouring" or "skinning" type feature that will allow you to be able to switch pets more easily. We will be looking into adding this over to the North American and European clients in the future so that everyone can enjoy ALL the pets! More information will be coming at a later date. ^_^
  9. The summoner take the special skill to reset cd. And yeah you right + Leg reset probably
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