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  1. Did you know? There's a BnS Anime

    Didn't really care for it, but thanks for letting others know who might want to give it a go.
  2. Which GM Crashed the Server

    This game has GMs? You sure?
  3. how i retrive my birth date?

    Ask your mom/check your ID
  4. So... that maintnance tho

    Wow, i never knew you couldn't have a percentage of an hour. I always figured you could have .7 or 70% of anything, whether it's based on 100 or 60.
  5. So whats the point of website?

    MMO w/o a website? Yeah, that'll work.
  6. Why can't I change my email?

    Imagine if someone hacked your account and....changed your email. Your whole account is based on your email.
  7. F2P Mail Fix

  8. Let me get this straight...

    Too bad there were no previous threads talking about this that might have warned you...
  9. Server status

  10. Truth about BnS Forum Members

    The name of this forum is General Discussion...