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  1. I noticed it, too, but you also no longer need the Premiums, but just the regular bowls, rather than the premium refiners. Now, if they would only reduce the number of Moonwater Tears needed, this would not be a bad update.
  2. Game update error. Cannot complete the update, and can't play. And I like playing on my day off. E02024. Dp_PEFP_CF_032_46_47
  3. So, here we are on another Wednesday, and I go to do the normal game update, but today I get an error about 17% into it. E02024. Dp_PEFP_CF_032_46_47. I have done file repair, and checked my connection. Still nothing. I hope you guys are seeing this and working on it. I actually like to play on my day off.
  4. I am male, I have a LOT of characters, all of them female. I play in third person, so I am looking at the back side of my characters all the time. I would prefer to enjoy this view, and I do not like looking at a guys butt for any amount of time, to be honest. So I make sexy looking female characters. I have them of all races, including lyn. I know a number of female players in the game, two of which are my favorite people to group with. They have made multiple characters as well, but both started with lyn, and they both told me, it was the cuteness factor that swayed them in the beginni
  5. I have a friend who had his account hacked and he never communicated with the spammers/phishers. And they also changed his passwords. Fastest way to get the account back is SPAM Support, eventually you will get some help from someone who cares and takes it as a priority. When you get an email back from NCSoft, and only then, give as much info as you can. Tell of your email, approximate date you started the account, if you have paid any money, when and how much. (Do not include any actual Credit card info, if they are really NCSoft, they will not need it) These details will help them verify
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