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  1. i never said it makes my rotation harder, i just dont like the idea of another class controlling when and how i have to press keys to maximize dps, it takes the control away from me as a player, which i find to be a flawed game design. it's also confusing for new players who don't understand the concept and just has to deal with an extra skill popping up whenever warlock decides to let his whole party grow wings. blood lust the actual skill from shamans never changed your rotation since all it does is increase your haste rating tho to be fair i havent played/raided in a long time so i don't know what it is like now. if you meant blame team bloodlust then well, i do :D you don't enjoy being a buff bot? at least your buff benefits yourself in a meaningful way. actually i wouldnt mind if sb was warlock only either, in fact i would welcome that change i have an entire button dedicated to ressing and healing my allies. I only get 20% mhp heal while everyone else gets 40, and the first skill point i put in is for Resurrection, the most useless skill for myself. The worst part of it all is, in an ideal situation when people dont *cricket* up, or if they outgear/start to outgear the instance, my heals are meaningless. whereas the damage boost from soulburn is always welcomed truth be told i wish this button would be removed completely, this way i could get a different skill that might be even better
  2. My Letter to Blade and Soul West.

    quick google search in chinese indicated existence of a botting program before, but i think it's no longer supported. i guess either Tera really managed to stop bots or the companies lost interest in developing the bot program the same webpage now offers tree of saviour and blade and soul bots D: actually i was wrong, a botting forum offers a working tera bot for taiwanese server, updated 2016 and boasts functionalities such as auto towning after low bandage responding to general conversations sound warning when people talk in general/private messages you updated spirit master skills w/e that class is etc etc mind you i never tried this since i don't play tera but the people who posted thanking the author in 2016 doesn't seem to be complaining about it :P i assume it's just because no one develops it for NA Tera, but if it's doable for other servers, it's probably doable here too.
  3. Game keeps crash, any help?

    whats your graphics setting at? i get 60fps no problem in dungeons all the time but when i fight bosses sometimes ijust randomly crash after reducing my graphics it seemed to stop the issue you can try that first
  4. 1) a lot of classes does not out damage the FM at equal gear level when playing at full potential, that's not a warlock issue, it's an overall issue. 2) SF has a 6 short iframes yes, but it takes a global cooldown to activate the other 3, and close range QE requires a target. which cannot be used at all times. sfs also have a 5 hit iframe that most classes, including yours, have. a heal? tell me, what good is a heal on fights where a missed iframe means 1 hit ko? do people not use potions? i could also argue that you have a spammable block while my counter is 0.7 seconds and goes on a minimum 3 second cooldown you are basing the effectiveness of a skill on people *cricket*ing up the fight and taking damage. 3) you could use a buff in pvp but your skills requires a rework the current warlock concept and playstyle is either going to be overpowered or too weak if you just tweak damage and proc rates of skills. and since you really don't get it ONLY WARLOCK CAN USE SOUL BURN like literally every *cricket*ing class has a skill that can only be activated with a warlock in the party, i think that's retarded as hell. why should a single class in the game maximize the potential of every other class? a damage or defensive buff i would understand, but a complete rework of my *cricket*ing rotation because he decides to press a button? you think i enjoy playing around that mechanic? you want to complain about having a reason that makes everyone want your class in a party?
  5. My Letter to Blade and Soul West.

    to be fair though, i have never seen a popular free to play game without bots or hacks D: better yet, why don't you tell me which game is bot/hack free :P
  6. New class?

    since SF just came out a little over half a year ago i really doubt a new class is coming any time soon XD but if they do end up releasing one i am thinking maybe a gun fu style class that can switch up between close and long distance attacks, although that would seem to be stepping on the soul fighter's style a little bit
  7. so you want a full appearance and wardrobe swap? XD well you could try talking to ncsoft see if you can work out a deal under the table but as all these services are already in existence on their own (appearance/ race change, costume transfer stamps) i doubt a new service will be added just for this, as this seems like a very niche choice
  8. i too, also believe everything i see on the internets
  9. actually, if you are reading the ToS/EULA fine print you'll find that ncsoft has the right to ban you at any time for no reason necessary so you honestly don't need to find a fine print regarding misconduct or anything. As for banning people by calling out characters that's more of a legal concern tbh something like that could be a problem and ncsoft just doesnt want to deal with that headache so they don't allow calling out. and you know, if there are rules saying anyone who burns people will be punished.. then what about accidental burns, which happens a lot too? how are you going to prove or differentiate between that? or if i afk'd for 30 minutes then accuse my team of not waiting for me so i didnt get kill credit... it gets messy. and if you only target high level players, then i guess what will happen is that high level players no longer want to queue with low levels that they dont know personally, and in the end it always ends up hurting low level players more because now their run is a lot more difficult, with less players who can teach them the game mechanics, etc. for your information i never rush and i clear everything on the way when there's even one low level in party, i make sure i stay behind to help him clear past the mobs just because i can see it from both sides and you can't doesn't make me a bad person
  10. Costumes & Market, is it just me....

    only problem with tradable gears/anything is that as an MMO ages it saturates the market and eventually becomes worthless anyways providing even less incentive for people to grind for the item repetitively, and therefore less things for people to do at end game is what i guess the logic would be.
  11. Let's Recap

    still trying to keep this thread alive crimson? honestly speaking you've been hating this game for almost 2 months now and every single one of your posts has been negative why are you still here even? you literally hate everything about the end game that bns has established. i thought since now you're playing less and less you're planning on posting less and less as well. after all there's really no point in having a discussion about a game you no longer play/don't plan on playing in the future
  12. ok zack we both agree not waiting for people is annoying much like loud talking on the bus and burping in someone's face but these things, while gets you called a dick, is actually not illegal or punishable so what would be the point of the report function? ncwest would get flooded with these reports instead of bot/gold spams and then what? let me explain that i understand u meant marking the reports differently than a typical bot or spam report, but ncwest staff will still have to deal with it, thats man hours that could be used to do something else and so what do you think should happen to the marked players?
  13. sooo, you want appearance swap between your two different characters for one service, am i getting that right? they'd just charge you twice for character appearance alteration i suppose
  14. nono i did watch the whole video when the video talks about the range builds it's talking about ripple vs ice LMB RMB spam combined with ice V ripple is earth damage which is why he calls it earth damage build. " . And Kung Fu Stance will do a lot more damage than Elemental Stance overall, " thats what the original statement says, and in the context they are talking about melee vs range aka what your tab switches you in between your response was that ice does more sustained damage than earth you quoted the part that said earth combo in kungfu (melee) stance does more damage than ice in melee, except with the combined damage from kingfist since you build 10 stacks of full bloom really fast with right punch. so essentially what i'm trying to say is that while ice build in both melee and range does more damage than their earth build counter parts, "KFM" stance does more sustained damage than range stance in both earth and ice build.
  15. trust me i want the same thing too, if i could block out all toxic players from my games my life would be stress free Q.Q the only real way to dodge this that we can do is to join a major guild and only do runs with guildies or maybe have a discord channel for all servers in NA to recruit for players in cross dungeon that are verified non cancers or those vouched for by other verified players, then make a channel bot that broadcasts your room number to all members in chat someone should get on this XD