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  1. Hacking bladedancers now?

    Yep. Welcome to Bots and Hacks. Of course you will get the old "produce a video or you are lying" reply soon. Im pretty fed up with the hacks and bots in arena right now.
  2. Bot KFMs

    Im pretty sure we know that bots and hacks are way more prevalent on the NA server than any other B&S server.
  3. Bot KFMs

    LOl this forum is chock full of accounts of bots and hackers. There are videos being posted all the time. Someone linked to the forum that is FULL of hacks and bot programs to prove what a huge issue this is. ....Yet you still are skeptical without even more video proof? Sorry there bud, I dont have video on the ready every damn time I play a video game. The absolute head in the sand mentality is simply unreal here.
  4. Bot KFMs

    Im pretty sure I saw one of these in 1v1. Didnt even get off my starting position much(he was in my face before the screen was opened up) . Out of two rounds I got off two things, ice guard(second round I spammed this from the end of countdown) and my tab twice. It was ludicrous.
  5. Is this a joke?

    INB4 "bots really are that prevalent and hacks aren't as bad as you think" crowd comes in.
  6. Idea to fix bots

    captcha is already able to be broken very easy. Most automated web posting software comes with it standard.
  7. summoner hack

    Yep now we have to fight against figuring out what hacks and what does not and then adjust. Why are we saying this is OK? When is this going to be addressed?
  8. Is there a hack slowing me down?

    I am seeing this as well now. Its like my skills suddenly are behind a few seconds during the match. Next match just fine...then back again. Tons of hacks going on right now.
  9. [VIDEO] Botter/hacker on arena 1 vs 1

    Wow either you are on EU server (have not heard much hacks and bots from there) or just a NSOFT shill.
  10. Bots In Pvp, Pve And Everywhere

    The #1 summoner was caught using hacks. So your justification and defense of this crap is pretty meaningless.
  11. Bots In Pvp, Pve And Everywhere

    Bots are all over gold and plat. I guess you mean get into diamond.... Is it nice down there while servicing NCSOFT with such fervor and enjoyment?
  12. Bots In Pvp, Pve And Everywhere

    90% or more of arena matches are against bots and hacks. When you say "its not that bad" is beyond comprehension.
  13. Bots In Pvp, Pve And Everywhere

    Keep being a weak azz suck then and accepting crap from lazy devs that are only interested in enticing you to pull out your card for a crappy $15 dress. Unbelievable the amount of tolerance you have for people doing a shitty job.
  14. Bots In Pvp, Pve And Everywhere

    Dont know and i dont really care because I am not paid to figure it out. If the ones that are paid to figure it out, dont, then they will enjoy their game of only bots...and bots dont spend any $$
  15. Bots In Pvp, Pve And Everywhere

    Then they should do something about it because I am pretty sure it is killing the game. All I see in arena is bots and hacks. Not going to stick around much longer in this type of cesspool.