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  1. Character transfer

    Support told me they were aware of the issue and were working on it but could provide me with no further information.
  2. Character transfer

    Same here, and I sent my ticket in forever ago.
  3. Weapon Progression Guide

    You will have two choices that will lead to the same thing. One uses Materials from the new content and the other uses the materials from what we currently have (Dark Pirate and Pirate weapons).
  4. Weapon Progression Guide

    You are going to just follow normal progression. So after Awakened Pirate you will go to True Pirate and finally True Breeze, this handy chart explains it best. VV
  5. Server down or crashed ?

    OK > x > I will not acknowledge the thing >~<!!!!
  6. Server down or crashed ?

    What in the name of .....
  7. Server down or crashed ?

    My friend in Jiwol said he was still in, but no Marketplace or Cross Server Dungeons.
  8. Server down or crashed ?

    Yeah, Mushin is down too, cannot connect to server.