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  1. I just came back after 4months~ ish? Don't really know, and the seed shroud is now a double tap to activate the enhanced party seed shroud iframe? What the heck? Is there any way to disable this or something? I often fight in close range and cast seed shroud so often and having it being a double tap now combined with the frequency of use has me pulling off accidental enhanced seed shrouds >.> It doesn't help that my seed shroud button is actually z, not 4.. so it's also easily a button I hold down for a full second.. 



  2. Parenthesis was not really being rude. Your first post made me think some of the same things he was asking. It's just a game and you have a friend so it'll be fun regardless. If you say you don't have much time to play and do not intend to pay, then you probably won't catch up to the end game which is a lot of the content tbh... So it is difficult to answer such a question when all of us are speaking primarily about end game. I don't pay either and when I make alts the game is painfully boring getting to lvl 50 with no friends. But they made it a lot easier to upgrade until oathbreaker? Then it becomes work. You won't be making random friends unless you actively seek a small clan, but they are most likely going end game stuff that you can't really participate in. You make friends after level 50 in cross server. Queue times are ok if you run everything 6man. 4mans of the non endgame are pretty dead. 4mans with strangers is in general dead cause community sucks. If you're playing casual with a friend it could be fun, depends how fun your friend is. 

  3. There's always going to be upcoming games taking away player base of another game. Sometimes it's just hype. Sometimes it's real moving time. I've already quit bns, but no matter what game you go to, the community will probably suck, the way to upgrade will probably suck (if it's a grindy mmo), and with the type of attitude you have.. you're going to find a bunch of flaws with countless other games. It's just a game. If you don't have fun. Just move on. Sure, complaining on forums might cause ncsoft to take action and "improve" the game, but nobody here is really qualified to know what'll make the game better. People (specifically on these forums) tend to complain to make the game easier. That's not the same as better. It's a nice gesture, but never really fixing the main problem. And yeah, sometimes stuff needs to be fixed but ncsoft just didn't have enough foresight and observation to see the problem. A good example is when people complained about the daily challenge changing the pvp from trying to the winning quest. PvE people wanted to change it back because they don't care about pvp people and afkers. Though it's still a problem. Also. You could buy a key to get your weapon with real monies. My motto is. If you're going to play a game completely for free. Be prepared to cry. I didn't participate in Wwv event because I don't have a lot of inventory room to really have a pvp/crit def soul shield and my pve one and work towards the Des tomb/ebondrake one plus event crap because my storage is literally 80percent outfits. I actually don't craft often because I'd have no room to hold my craft stuff. In end game dungeons... I hardly ever see nonpremiums like me. XD though I quit.


  4. If you're talking about the 1 and 2 numbers on their head, it should also be ctrl zero as the way to toggle it on and off with ctrl 1 as the boss countdown timer people use (or some people use it to indicate soulburn is coming). And then the other ctrl  + numbers should be the others markers such as bomb, skull, triangle, square, heart, etc.

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