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  1. Sin damage is always pretty good... out of all the classes I play (and I play all), I'd say it may have the best sustained melee damage. You may have a tougher time depending on BnS experience early on, but once you learn the mechanics it should be easy enough. I personally like dark builds... but to each their own. You can't really compare any DPS in the game to FM... FM is THEE DPS champ imo, with SF being right up there and SMNR as well (heck even WL can have amazing DPS). Sin CAN do that type of damage and keep pace with those 3 I just mentioned, but on a moving target it's goin
  2. Others answered already... but just fyi with the Pellet you can also ask / watch Faction chat sometimes people will sell it for 100k by inviting you to their clan, letting you take the pellet and then you leave. I haven't done it that way personally but I know a good number who have.
  3. While I like the double KF skill... I OVERALL prefer the Frost Storm (HM tier). I find it does more damage usually. Now in PVP... SOME classes it's good to just use KF... but more often than not whether PVP or PVE I find FS to be preferable for reasons Queen already mentioned. I also really like Tundra for damage and the fact I often get to use it 3x in a row. But Tundra and Whirlwind are totally different... WW will pull the enemies in... not bad for PVE... not too great for PVP, I still think the DPS from 3x Tundra is more worthwhile unless you have a specific need for WW or like to
  4. Yeah, my point is no one knows. They have a schedule, but it doesn't mean that's all that will be released or that everything will even make it on time, etc... this is just the general rule of thumb on MMOs... including NCSoft MMOs.
  5. Exactly. I have a bunch of them myself.
  6. Yeah of course I saw that.. we already spoke about that a few posts up. However, I've played other NCSoft games as well as plenty of other MMOs. A schedule does not necessarily include everything that will and will not make it. Some things on that schedule may not make it this year... other things may. There's no telling, that's my point. If you want to compare to how quickly Acts have been released here compared to KR as well as the timeline between Soul Fighter and Act 7 for other versions as here.. then of course we MAY get Act 7 this year. As of right now, we don't know until t
  7. You said that it's an "ESTABLISHED FACT" that Act 7 won't be released this year. No, no it's not. Unless they outright SAY IT... no it's not. So who is living in the dreamworld? Have you ever played other MMOs? Not to mention, have you ever played another NCSoft game? LOL Of course it can be released, they spoke of several things, they never said definitively what will be released 100% disclosure.
  8. You need to advertise that all loot is yours if you use your scale, since it's more common that people take a stinger in place of it. Yes I know stinger prices have dropped, but that is still the norm unless otherwise stated. So if you make a group, let the people know in advance when advertising and if you'd like for good measure, before using your scale again so whoever dislikes that can leave. The proper etiquette is clear and precise communication.
  9. Yep. Anything that says "Account Bound" means you can share it with your other characters on the same account.
  10. That's it, just the daily challenges give heavenly energy. You could run them on multiple characters and trade the account bound Naryu Tablets to the character you need (if you have end-game alts).
  11. An "established fact" would mean they outright said that they weren't releasing Act 7 this year. Giving a list of some other things being released and you not seeing Act 7 on that list DOES NOT mean it won't be made available anytime soon. Learn 2 MMO.
  12. As someone who has played this game a lot, I will tell you: DO NOT BUY SWIMSUIT PACKS JUST FOR CORALLITE (I know a few who did then regretted it big time). In fact, save your money. At most get the 150 pieces if you want the outfit that bad, forget the rest. This is a gold and cash sink. The event gem ...ok +4ap big deal, but also hp recovery when enemy blocks/evades? Good for WvW, open world pvp... not even good "barely decent" because of the small hp return and small ap increase. You're better off farming Asura Ember or waiting for prices to drop. There is literally no reason t
  13. I also got the Offal, as well as Naryu Tablets, the new currency, naryu silver/coins, etc... been in there a few times but haven't bothered to look at what else could be in there.
  14. I agree with this philosophy. I will tell people STOP. I have literally had someone just rush through leaving fire behind for 1 or 2 people... then lagged out and re-joined. What did I do? Well first I said let's see if they rejoin. I got the low levels to safety waiting at the boss and as they approached to get into the portal to get credit I killed the boss and they didn't get completion credit (the other lvl 50 trying to leave the low level players in the dust). AHAHAHAHAHAAA... may sound mean, but it teaches people a lesson. Don't rush through content that's same level for othe
  15. Cor 6+ months for story updates is highly unlikely until we at least wrap up with Act 7. Stop thinking about the KR time table and start realizing how soon we have gotten new story content in comparison to KR. It would make no sense to say... "oh.. they're "ALMOST" caught up in the story with KR... now let's wait half a year so they can finish that major cliff-hanger of Act 6". People would be playing other MMOs to get their mind off it since our story is in limbo right now... we're not "powering up"... "preparing the armies"... no... we were told to go do something very clearly and it
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