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  1. Server down or crashed ?

    Are you carver from jade dynasty?
  2. Server down or crashed ?

    If you read the Name it was to, and the reply it was from youd know it wasnt a reply to you, so you are starting something on your own.
  3. Server down or crashed ?

    Idk, but it seems like you are because you got something to say. Go ahead and say something pathetic so i can give 0 f*cks about you.
  4. Server down or crashed ?

    What is pathetic is the ammount of people, thkugh they waited so long, complain about a game not even America's. It is an honor that we even be able to get to play the *cricket* Game that wasnt even going to come over here, but did. And who cares if a male or female is playing, It is a game, not a dating sim, If you want to pick up girls, go to a bar or club, go out relax. And I dont see how a male is gay if playing a female. That guy probably like looking at the female anatomy over aguy on his screen all day. It's like a bunch of kids pretending to be adult overruns the game and make it less fun for all. If you dont like lyn you dont have to interact or play one, There are other games. It would be a shame if they just drop the whole thing and say "f this" Just enjoy the game and play and stop being a little baby.
  5. Hope it isnt stupid like how they made the underwear all the same, ugly and less attractive.
  6. Blade dancer is basically lyn blade master, you can't take the lyn style and is race locked and if jin has it they'd have 4 classes while everyone else have three. It is also Korea's game. You will most likely not get your wish. If jin gets blade dancer then lyn should get assassin, but this too is race locked, Jin only. Play Blade Master, choke it up, and pretend it is blade dancer and have a nice day.