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  1. They wait for the game to be dead and empty before doing any meaningful change to the game. - Could we have better server please? - Could we get new about the 64 bit client ? will you release it soon ? - Could we have something else in cash shop than stupid scamming p2w pack ? Its not even pay to win since its rng, its pay for almost nothing. We are forced to bash repeateadly a 24 man to get a mandatory piece of gear in order to keep up with content, but we have to do it with freeze, fps drop, huge lag spike. I suggest the 24 guy in ncwest do a party with
  2. Just dont buy all these shitty outfit they release and maybe they will decide to release more unique, skimpy or sexy stuff.
  3. 40 is more than enough for casual, what about hardcore dedicated player ? we need 100 quest a day.
  4. This is probably the best change ever so i would like to say thank you ncsoft ! For month unskilled people invaded ssp to get moonstone, making this area laggy and unplayable, it was a clown fiesta with overcrowded channel and stupid RNG for keys, and then it was RNG again to get moonstone, it was a huge loss of time, when moonstone price was high it was good money but now ssp is just pointless so getting rid of moonstone will force players to do different stuff and its overall a good thing. I always thought they needed to give reason for player to do pvp, and making th
  5. Cerulean worthless goon crying cause crimson is taking power ! Thats cute. This job is a piece of cake, LETS START GATHERING SOULSTONE !
  6. After i get my rank 10 i spent probably an extra thousand dollar to buy ncoin but this time i get nothing and no more benefit for supporting the game. So i think they should add 10 more level of premium. With a cap at rank 20, only obtainable with ncoin and no hmcoin. So people who pay to make this free to play live get rewarded. they could add these benefit : -More quest xp -More gold xp -Exclusive outfit -More discount -Ability to mail outfit to other character for free -more Bean / battlepoints -No more fee on market -No
  7. We need to be able to do at least 75 dailies a day, 40 is way too short considering all the new dungeons.
  8. So basically just because you are not dedicated to the game you want everything to be easily obtainable ? Its not because you play only 1hour a day you should get 10 moonstone everytime you kill a monster or a guaranted asura ember everytime you do this dungeon, that doesnt give you the right to have a legendary for 1 silver either. They already made all the content before silverfrost casual friendly by giving weapon and stuff in the main quest They also boosted the xp from the main quest so a new player can reach HM4 once the main quest is done. Cost of every upgrades ar
  9. 7 month ago when i was leveling my character i spent hours and hours and hours grinding field boss to get my weapon or my outfit, and i never complained. ***
  10. I have a question, are you a free to play player ?
  11. You can bring 40vs40 i am ready, playing destroyer ill just have to red spin and kill everyone even with 5 fps and 400 ms !
  12. Omg do you mean i will finally spend more time killing the boss during cold storage than waiting for biding to end ? You are a genius.
  13. i would use a thousand dollar if i had to reroll a gunner <3
  14. Skip the process of gearing up ? What the hell are you talking about. Legendary ss requires a lot of feather in Korea, the process stay the same im just explaining to NCsoft how to get the most money out of it.
  15. Im agree they should like release every outfit for ever, but they will probably gain a huge amount of dollar over 2-3 month then nothing. They want to keep tease us with 2 outfit ( mostly recolor and shitty one ) to make profit over years and maximise the value of bns. If they release ss for 100 feather a piece, everyone will need min 800 feather to get a full set ( with random stats so in fact it will be much more to get a perfect one ) And on top of that add a merchant, bundle of reset and boost the dynamic quest xp, some whales will use thousands of reset, even casual will
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