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  1. http://nichegamer.com/2015/11/report-blade-soul-alteredcensored-for-questionable-material-in-western-release/
  2. http://www.inmatesgaming.com/news/blade-soul-game-performance Lower setting to increase performance ideas. shouldnt need to with a good enough rig but it seems to be more server and optimisation issues.
  3. More people asking about graphics upgrades to the system. its a 2 year old game, they only have small amount of content out in the EU. lets hope they give updates soon.
  4. HI Ive seen mods on the RU servers but not seen any yet for the EU servers. Please can people post below any they find. Also if there is a mod for graphics upgrades then throw them in here also. Thanks
  5. HI I've seen a lot and used some on the RU server but not seen any yet for the EU servers. If anyone has any please link below for all. Thanks
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