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  1. Blade Dancer 1V1 Arena PVP guide

    Or just bash your head agaisnt your keyboard as a lbm ur still gonna win easiest class not even summoner is that easy XD
  2. SystemErr (300: Server Authentication Failure)

    nvm it came back false alarm u should be able to log again too
  3. SystemErr (300: Server Authentication Failure)

    i think thats a ban for some reason, i got it too but i can login into other account, no idea wtf they banned but i am 100% sure i play clean, better submit a ticket to see whats this about :C
  4. Assasin Costume in PvP

    thank you a lot well the outfit i want its heavenly wich have a lot of tails and stuff thats why i was worried
  5. Assasin Costume in PvP

    so the model while in stealth is the same always?
  6. Assasin Costume in PvP

    Anyone know this it can be a real deal breaker for me at last
  7. Assasin Costume in PvP

    yah not that hard to spot a invis person and i would certainly remove any big costume if it makes it easier
  8. Does your costume make you more visible to other ppl in pvp? like ussing a fluffy bigger costume is more visible or the same?
  9. Assasian Class

    im pretty sure every class have at last 1 non targeted ability, if you waste it welp cant be helped, that 99% eva is a lie assasin gets around 50ish% about the stealth you can avoid letting an assasin go into stealth, they cant go in stealth if you dnt let them in the first place,all of his ways to stealth can be avoided, the blind is the tab scape around 36ish cd cooldown, bout the numerous ways out of cc its for all class the same assasin can flower but it has like 40 cd time now inescapable 35% aircombo thats just plain wrong aircombo never ever ever ever will do more than 5 - 7 % it simply does not do that much dmg. Assasin is not op atm destros and lbm can destroy assasins easily, assasins are good, but if you dont get to know their kits u gonna get owned b/c its flexible they can adapt and unless u know what ur fighting against ur gonna get wrecked played and assasin for a while and now i wreck em in pvp PS: if u only list a class strong points any class sounds op
  10. You just switch faction is not that hard, our guild switched once we see the problem was this big, i hope ncsoft does somthing to adress it tho open world pvp is dead for now, but w/e arena and 3v3 is good nuf for me for the moment
  11. Assasian Class

    u can see assasin in stealth and you can poke them out of stealth hitting them, the ability dont make them invulnerable just harder to see, they are not absolutely invisible
  12. We need something of this sort, the actual distribution (on my server at last) is ridiculous 13 channels all of them dominated by the same faction, we could not even farm in 1 of the channels b/c they outnumber us on every single channel, at some point i considered changing faction but that would only make the problem worse, i just hope they do something soon or else we can say goodbye to open world pvp every1 will switch to the other side to be able to farm in peace, i will give it probably another couple of weeks since i like my guild after that im gonna just go to cerulean like the other 99% of the server :C
  13. Some help with assasin

    Thaaanks will look at it!
  14. Hi!! i am an assasin, not a experienced one :P, i feel like its a fun class but i really have 2 match ups that i simply cant defeat, the most annoying for me is actually the blade dancer, they seems to be inmune to everything, anyone can shred some light on how to deal with them? i would like to know why i dont seem to be able to stun em like ever or disable em in any way they just spin spin spin and spin till they stun me and combo, then they repeat plx halp. Summoner, i dont have problem with the cat i just cc it for the 30s with one of my skill wich is plenty time to try and deal with the summoner itself, buuuut i just dont seem to be making enuf dmg to him, why? i have been feeling this lately in arena all my combos seems to do pretty low dmg, for example a kfm get me inside 1 combo and i loose 20-25% of hp if i get some1 inside my own combo they loose like 10%, maybe a video with good assasin combos would be awesome. Well thanks for any help, feel free to add any video or anything that can help me master my class in pvp, thanks in advance!!
  15. Calm Down, and meme thread

    thanks!! hope you share some aswell!! :D