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  1. I upgraded my gunners weapon to Dawnforged 3 before I knew about update, now raven upgrade cost have been reduced ALOT! and dawnforged path is more expensive than raven, and I would need to get my weapon to dawnforged 6, so I could turn it into raven 6, it would take months for me. please support revert my pistols back to baleful 12. character name: LewdPistols server: Jinseyun
  2. Im trying to send White rosetta. And you clearly didn't read what I said. I can't use mail to send outfits if I don't buy Ncoin, you probably don't know because you have bought ncoin. Well I didn't and im not gonna buy it.
  3. Hey I just bought delivery stamps, but it seems sending mail requires to charge Ncoin, I didn't know this, what do I do now? Do I sell the stamps for 1 copper each? I never charge Ncoin, you ain't getting a single penny from me because of this situation.
  4. My waifus are better! My warlock when it comes out:
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