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  1. I upgraded my gunners weapon to Dawnforged 3 before I knew about update, now raven upgrade cost have been reduced ALOT! and dawnforged path is more expensive than raven, and I would need to get my weapon to dawnforged 6, so I could turn it into raven 6, it would take months for me. please support revert my pistols back to baleful 12. character name: LewdPistols server: Jinseyun
  2. Im trying to send White rosetta. And you clearly didn't read what I said. I can't use mail to send outfits if I don't buy Ncoin, you probably don't know because you have bought ncoin. Well I didn't and im not gonna buy it.
  3. Hey I just bought delivery stamps, but it seems sending mail requires to charge Ncoin, I didn't know this, what do I do now? Do I sell the stamps for 1 copper each? I never charge Ncoin, you ain't getting a single penny from me because of this situation.
  4. Oh I can copy and paste image too? Solved my problem.
  5. My waifus http://imgur.com/a/8rdM4
  6. Damn troll! look here, do you see this broken image symbol??? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DO THAT!
  7. How the hell I can post an image? When I press insert other media and insert image from url and I copy and paste the imgur address i get this: Do I have to pay money for this feature too?
  8. My waifus are better! My warlock when it comes out:
  9. It doesn't mention anything about warlock so its not coming out with this update. Have fun waiting +1 year for new class!
  10. Are you sure, NCsoft is after money, so im pretty sure they make it that free players can't play warlock, so we would give them money, u know companies like this only cares about profit.
  11. Im waiting for warlock class, I even deleted my low level alt to make space for it when it comes out, after while I thought "What if warlock is only for paying members or NCoin purchase?" Please NCsoft don't do this! I BEG YOU!!! I deleted my character and made my perfect waifu character present for Warlock character. Also knowing exact release date would be nice, but im not expecting answers for that.
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