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  1. 1. Will we get to explore more new lands on the continent after this expansion? 2. Is Yura still alive? Cause we kinda beat her up in the Necropolis lv 50 dungeon. 3. Is the Blackram Forces still out there in the sea? 4. Will the Stratus Empire get more involved in the future? We barely see them anymore. 5. Will the Naga Queen ever get resurrected? One npc in the frozen lands said a long time ago, the Naga Queen even rivaled the Dark Lord in power.
  2. How much more story content are we getting? Cause i don't want the story to end, i want it to keep going cause its the main thing thats keeping me in this game right now. I want it to continue even after we defeat Jinsoyun. And are the korean versions still getting new lore contents?
  3. You're right about the threat thing since KFM and BM are designed as tank but still Assassins dps is still low as they lose to other non threat using classes like FM, BD, and even destroyers. I speak from experiences, i've been to all the dungeon and raids many many times, hundreds of hours into this game since launch and i have never seen a sin hold the aggro even against other non threat using classes. When i was still new i kept hearing people say sin and fm top dps over and over again but from actual expereince in the game, i have seen many many fm but never a sin.
  4. Force Master is way beyond assassins because in every group im in. I have never ever seen a SIN hold aggro on the boss but i have seen many FM and BMs holding aggro. Second tier goes to Summoners and Destroyers.
  5. This game has awesome cutscenes, characters, and styles, even more so than Tera in my opinion. Having a feature that lets you rewatch all the cutscenes your character unlocked would be awesome. I know a few mmos eventually puts this feature in so i'm wondering do you guys plan to eventually put this feature in as well? Would be really cool.
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