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  1. I do know, but i was ignoring it, i guess you're not smart enough to see it LOL.
  2. This guy splits on hard working players cause he buys gold from sellers like the cheating low life he is.
  3. Lmaooo yeah got a problem with that? I don't blame you tho, it might be too hard for you.
  4. The gold i make is reasonable, i don't make hundreds like you from gold sellers and spammers. Like i said, go back to shcool and learn ABC.
  5. Not my fault you're not even smart enough to spend 30 seconds or less reading a post. Go back to school and get some brain cells and get a life instead of making shady deals with gold sellers.
  6. NWhen did i say everyone had infonite gold.xD your the one accusing everyone of having infinite gold. Get a life :) You first little kid. =). But you probably won't cause you spend too much time stalking people like the immature kid that you are.
  7. Your logic is even dumber, thinking everyone has infinite gold like you. get a life. I reply to people that makes stupid posts like yours. Don't like it? too bad and it seems you can't get over it. Not my problem that you're not mature.
  8. I worked hard for my stuff unlike you lame gold buyers. And yes its not possible to be fully geared like that unless you have no life or buy from sellers, or spend a shitton of real life money. Get it through your head.. No i'm not giving you a hi five cause you're not worth it.
  9. So you're a stalker good to know. All i gonna say is get a life instead of forum stalking people. Don't like my attitude? Well tough **** cause i don't really care.
  10. Completely understandable. Back in the 45 content, i tried soloing azune ruins for moontears and hoped for a merryweather drop. Soloed around 12 runs and i mean sure the gold making is faster this way but not by much and the time that i put in it doing it over and over again is boring as **** and doesn't seem to be worth it. The 4 man yeti shouldn't be as boring since i'll have teammates but only time would tell.
  11. Lmaooo really? fully upgraded every piece of gear like accessories and weapons and soul to max tier pass oatbreaker even? Lmaoo don't kid yourself. That would take around close to half of year for dedicated players. Two or three weeks would only allow one to upgrade one accessory piece thats not even max tier for current content. Am i a little salty, damn right when i work my ass off everyday and do all that saving just for one piece thats not even max. Stop lying you can't even upgrade one piece to max in 2 -3 weeks. Thank you for advice. And was the Yeti 4man or 6man? When you said f
  12. Why would i be jelly of someone who buys gold or spends 24 hours on a game with multiple characters? Lol i laugh at people like you.
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