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  1. Server down or crashed ?

    $15 per Account w/ Premium per month 50,000 players per server 50% players buy premium 50,000 x .5 = 25,000 x $15 = $375000 / 30 (days) = 12,500 / 24 (hours) Every Hour the Server is DOWN = $520.83 Lost in Premium Membership (TIME) ALONE!!! Not to account for - Energy Consumption / People's Time / Induced Stress / Intellect loss - due to having to read Forum
  2. Input LAG

    I found a really important thread for this topic which may help a lot of people.
  3. Input LAG

    Has anyone found a work-around for this issue yet, as GOOGLE / REDDIT claim I am not the only one with this problem?
  4. Input LAG

    It was perfect before the 1/21/2016 Patch, It's definately worse for whatever reason.. I don't have the AsusGame thingy in my processes, and I don't have the "alternative" programs that would be doing the same thing, It was crisp just yesterday, I wonder if PING boosters are my only route. Oh btw I'm like only a few hundred miles from TEXAS so.. I doubt it's caused by instability due to distance.
  5. Input LAG

    Normal RIG - Normal PING - (1-2 sec DELAY) on Skills and UI, I have tried the FIREWALL/Asus/Windows Defender Fix's w/ "no" success.. Anyone get this working yet? As obv. a 1-2 sec delay makes the game unplayable?