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  1. Has anyone got the octa gems proc yet from the new merchant of wonders in blackram revamped, and if so, for how much were they selling....i wanna be prepared incase Rng Gods bless me. Thanks
  2. LF Clan (Cerulean)

  3. Bumping jst cz its fun. and Monky
  4. Hey guys. New Clan Chronic Monks, we new players but we have learned the game for far and are recruiting players (Mostly Casual) cz u knw we are nt so tryhard and also friendly who love to enjoy a game with friends. So nt gonna say things like Must be online at certain times or something like that ( Please be online on weekends we kill stuff! :P ) Future plans are :- *Organizing dailies runs *Faction PvP dailies, n stuff like Insignia farming. Cerulean know how this can be a pain with the 1 million crimson players. *Dungeon runs. ***Blackwrym raid.(We need to be a bit more organized for this) *A lot of Clan Trolling *Clan support crafting for things like * Moonwater Transform Stones* This again will be discussed in clan chat on how to help each other get their upgrades. Level requirement : None at the moment, all we ask for is that u be dedicated to level as we will help where we can. Age : Well we feel that u just shouldn't behave like 12. Language: That will be English Ranks: Veteran Ranks are all up for grabs. However we feel this is a position that will need to be earned. (all level 45 Instantly get Member rank and begin their climb from there) Clan Rank: We are Rank 3 At the moment with 3 members, i believe we can go so much higher if we got a few friends. Orders: HAVE FUN! Classes: Does this really matter in this game? :) we taking anything we can find. For Invite or more Info PM * Chezuget or * Wembe NOTE: It will also be in the clan Recruitment list when u press "H" if u interested please apply. Thanks for reading this whole composition. :P I appreciate you taking your time to read such a random post.