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  1. 7 Days to delete a character!?

    7 days is absolutely nuts. If you already have 7 other high level characters why would you need to wait 7 days. Only way is if one was deleting more than one character at a time. They should send you a email then verify you want to really delete the character then delete it in normal 5 minutes.
  2. I would give it a 1 out of a 100. Bots are everywhere causing very bad lag and dropping fps very low. Don't hardly get any essence now soloed pinchy and got 2 with very bad rng for rolling. Costs way to much to upgrade gear for the amount of money you get. Skills do work right all the time. Like block that says resists knock down and a normal mob can knock you down. Story makes no since and is very boring. Don't like it where most classes is race locked. Only good thing about the game is the graphics, combat system and outfits. Wish never bought the 1 year premium. really think of going back to Tera least theres no bots or gold spammers everywhere.
  3. Bugs and crash on latest update

    Sometimes now my attacks just go thru the enemies and never hits anything. Market place cant buy or sell anything since its messed up and nothing works now.
  4. Cant use the market place at all. selling area all messed up and none of the category's work. It worked just fine yesterday before this last patch.
  5. Game is almost completely ruined...

    you sure its easer to make mass characters by naming them like that. When made my warlock it took me over 40 tries to get a name not taken. I have seen a lot of bots with normal names to them so its hard to tell anymore.
  6. Game is almost completely ruined...

    Maybe they should add a new faction called Bots and have the other two factions fighting against them. Im still not sure if there bots or some players multi boxing like saw on ffxi. Where they could run 6 clients at once and control all the characters with a single keyboard and mouse.
  7. Marketplace is broken

    Still down can't sell or buy items on yet.
  8. Yehara's Mirage wheel of fate is very broken 200 spins and 196 of them landed on 8 and other 4 on 7. There's no way in 200 spins that it should only land on 2 numbers and not any of the others for the costume or other prizes. on the others only took me max of 40 spins to get a full costume set why is this one so broken. Think now with all of my characters spun this wheel over 400 times and finally got a spin that landed on 5. Think should go and buy a powerball ticket might win.
  9. cat tank nerfed

    If NCSoft thinks they need to nerf Summoner class then they should Nerf the other classes to. Maybe take away other classes jumping attacks and those flash movement attacks where they can hit you from a long ways away. when game starts nerfing classes is when it starts to wreck the game and makes it where its not fun to play anymore.
  10. If you think Summoners are OP, consider this...

    When the warlock class comes out everyone will start to complain saying its op. I don't think summoners is op at all they don't take damage very well. One hit and one third of my health is gone. Have seen the cats teleport all over the place on some players not sure if that's a skill you get later on that seems op.
  11. Dark Angel Wardrobe

    You cant store the soulmate outfit yet ether in it. I not sure yet but maybe all the new outfits you cant store yet in it.
  12. BnS got update everyday?

    This game really sucks for updating. Every time I get dced it has to update and every time go to login has to update. Thought that was what maintenance was for. Where the game is down for 5 hours. Don't see playing this game much longer. Theres a lot of better ones out there that does not update 2-3 times a day. They don't every seem to fix the bugs. Still go into new areas sometimes and fall thru the ground and get stuck.
  13. Jumping,Flying Quest

    This game is stupid thought this was a rpg and not a jump action game. If I knew was going to make you do impossible jumps I would never bought a founders pack. Think im going to ask for a refund its not a rpg like they say it is not with this bad jumps have to do for a quest. Really enjoyed the game till they started forcing these bad jumps on to me. I rated it for game play 1 out of 5 it get a 1 because of the jumps in it. be nice if they had a video that shows you how jumping works. Every time I try its like im hitting an invisible wall and it wont let me jump very high. See others make it follow same steps and never even get half as high as them thinking the lyn's jumping is bugged.
  14. I can't finish the "Familiar face quest"

    I'm a summoner and don't see any way up there. When try to fly only make it half way up then fall to the ground. Don't understand why they have quests like this where they know you can't finish. They need to add a climbing feature like other mmo's have. Guess im going to have to just drop the quest since tried 20+ times now to get up there.
  15. 5 Hour Downtime again

    They already fixed the gold seller spamming other day only had to block 3 for the whole day. They fixed the friends not showing up and the wardrobe problem. Don't know what this maintenance is for played most the day and never found any problems. It is bad for those who pay for premium. Hope this one for the randomly getting dced. The bad lagging problem and the no slot in the wardrobe for the new outfits they put on the cash store problem.