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  1. What are the 2 new 24 man dungeons? What are their names? And what time do the grand harvest events occur, or how do you find out?
  2. Mushin's Tower, Floor 6 Bug

    I can verify this. First timing seeing after about like 50 runs total.
  3. Sometimes fail to CC bosses

    I know that. I'm talking about when they're just standing there. I feel like there's a period of time you have wait after they used up a skill. Sometimes the CC doesn't register and i want to know why and/or when that occurs.
  4. When can you CC bosses and when can you not? Sometimes it doesn't work when it looks like it should.
  5. Ani-cancel question

    Has anyone tested the damage output between ani-cancel with wrat vs pure wrath? It looks like pure wrath is doing more damage, but ani-cancel with wrath feels like its doing more damage overall.
  6. Your CPU should never reach 100% because the game only utilizes 1-2 cores. or at least that's what I saw in task manager. You can't change that. If your CPU usage is 100% then something is making your CPU work too hard.
  7. Hello fellow gamers! Please tell me what CPU model you have, so I can compare it to my old i7 920. I think my i7 920 is either not optimized for the game or is too old. I have my CPU OC'ed to 3.8Ghz (from 6 years ago), but despite my CPU being faster than some of the newer generation... people are getting 60fps on blackwyrm and such.
  8. Seraph Weapon Glamor

    No i got a seraph chest somewhere, but it wasn't for my weapon... so i trashed it immediately. I googled the seraph weapons and just found out they're super rare lol. And I think you can sell them on the marketplace, but i destroyed it in less than 1 sec because it was a bangle.... sigh so I don't know if u can sell it on the marketplace.
  9. I tried 4-man dungeon on bloodshade harbor. I'm lvl 45 HM2. I have decent stats, but I'm not sure if I'm focusing my soul shield stats correctly. I was just planning on getting as much crit as possible from the BSH ss. I gave up on the idea of maximizing crit stats by mixing with the ET ss, because rolling max stats on those are so rare. When someone else dies in the 4-man dungeon it goes down hill from there. In this situation, I feel like I have to tank more while maintaining decent dps. The issue is that now I feel like I can't survive well enough because my block or def is too low. Am I doing something wrong? Then when it comes to the sisters I can't tank them forever, so I stop attacking because my health gets so low. It is just not possible for me. When someone dies its pretty much over because a 2nd person dies and now we are left with 2 people (including me) to kill the sisters. What could be my problem?
  10. Someone brought up an interesting idea in a dungeon one day. They asked if the marketplace was connected to all the servers. Is that true? The marketplace on any server is representing items being sold from all the servers combined?
  11. Skillbook loot?

    I'm so confused on how to get my skill book... I ran bloodshade harbor many times and have never seen the book. I read somewhere that it drops in 4-man dungeon. Is this true? and which boss drops it? Do I lose my chance of getting it if I set auction loot to heroic? I'm looking for the emberstomp volume 2, if that helps.
  12. What is Max. bonus on successful Cleave? That's the effect you get for putting one point into body kick. And on stone shield stage 1 tier 3, what is per tick? it says max uses 5, 1% hp recovery per tick on successful block.
  13. In NA servers, is it possible to get these secret techniques for those last skill tiers?
  14. I made the lowest tier soul shield primer and I can't seem to use it on my soul shields that have fused stats already. How do you use these primers?
  15. What is the highest lvl u can reach for ur weapon, bracelet, and belt as of right now?