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  1. If your friend likes to solo bosses and kick butt in pvp, yes.
  2. I don't think this game meets the EXTREMELY minimal performance requirements that Steam like to see.
  3. this game has gone to shit. Lagging out 1 v 1 and in Mushin's Tower, unacceptable. NC should feel ashamed they can't get an old ass game working properly.... disgusting service.
  4. Nice, now dc'd while logging in.
  5. Are you kidding me? It's *cricket*ing 1 on 1??????????????????????? for the love of my patience, fix this stupid ass game.
  6. Been receiving these every few minutes right now: http://
  7. Coincidentally, most other games I have played have been on a Texas based server. Getting under 50ms latency is the norm. Here, I'm lucky to keep it under 200. This is crazy. NC has made assloads of money. WTH are they doing with it? Upgrade your servers/connections and stop being so damned stingy.
  8. thanks for this. This makes it much more bareable and more to my playstyle at the moment. At these levels, it's clear they took the squishiness from FM and maybe KFM (only played FM), while offering little to know defense or self-sustainment. I'm not sure what their plan is with this character. Worthy to play til 50 though, I believe.
  9. I'm up to level 31 now, with working on upgrading my awakend blight wep. I'k on Gunma server. The attacks, both ranged and melee, seem really slow. It's starting get better, but I'm not able to do AOE... on purpose anyways.
  10. I've went through several guides and tried different low level builds to try and make this thing work. I can't stay alive, even vs the same level mobs. I especially can't survice 2 in a row. With health pots and food so costly at this level, I'm just not seeing how people are getting this to work. Advice?
  11. Blah blah blah. AP requirements must be cake on your server. Regardless, one dropped and I got it for 2c...
  12. what are you talking about? There is way to get this than doing 100's of runs for a non-endgame item or using all your Heavenly engergies?
  13. I have spent over 120 of those and opened over 20 boxes.
  14. Out of all the frustrations this game has caused me, this is what will cause me to unplug. I've spent so much time and everything trying to get this stupid weapon.
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