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  1. how do people have so much gold?

    Currency Exchange You can buy in-game gold with your NC coins The player sellin' gold will get HM coins from the transaction
  2. Fixing lags ?? da hell you talking about ???? we are gonna deliver useless stuff for your joy ... more summer outfits OKAY ? and useless events that you can enjoy with 100 + euro
  3. Everyone out there tried to do something similar to Yuran and Jin Soyun or many other anime char :D ME ? i just wanted to portray a generic B**** to joke with my friends, in the end i liked the finished product so i ended up playing with my female Jin WL
  4. Blade & Soul KR *New Content*

    More escape skills ? i want it .... but if the warlock wins once again the tournament we are going to get another nerf (Yuppieeee -.-)...
  5. I didnt say all the people with high spec ... also same goes for you, you dont need to turn down graphics for poh or terrors or whatever, you just need to press ctrl+f and puff magic happens I have low spec pc and beside the first 10 sec, when everybody goes in, everything goes smooth and i have medium settings always
  6. You have a better pc than mine, and the only places where i lag a lot are grand harvest square and soulstone plains... if you find yourself surrounded by a lot of people i suggest to use the ctrl+f to switch off the other characters it helps a lot Your pc is slightly better of what the minimum requirements ask, but in order to fully enjoy the game you probably need to steal 1 computer from the NASA since even people with 4000/6000 bucks computers have problems idk for the ability delay and long load screens that's a net problem, you might want to check your internet connection and if you're playing the game with wi-fi you want to switch to direct cable connection
  7. Venom Dart drop rate

    My prediction is that we will have an increase in supply for venom darts, people will start to reach the point where the gear needs to be upgraded with venom darts and the demand will increase aswell = the price for 1 venom dart will probably be higher Because end game gear is a luxury and only who play 18h a day have it hek there is even people who buy gold they're ''beyond'' end game gear
  8. Venom Dart drop rate

    So in JP stuff is cheap, in TW some stuff is cheap some is expensive NA/EU -> everything expensive i like it !
  9. Multiple blaze can get interrupted and you can escape with SS if im not mistaken ? (correct me if im wrong)
  10. Warlock 100% broken in PvP? Opinions?

    Leech can get blocked or evaded with SS or a resist skills or whatever i believe it is too easy to mess up with WL but i do agree destroyer can be an easy piece of cake for WL If we talk about mechanics .... more than mechanics i would say knowledge and timing
  11. Just a frienly warning for Ncsoft

    FM hard time vs assassin ? must have been a really newbie FM KFM can be an hard match up for FM ... but summoner ??... i believe summoner is the bread of the FM also i dont see how a FM can lose to a WL ... really i cant, FM have everything to counter him EVERYTHING You're in danger ?? ohoh wingstorm combo alert pop up the divine veil quick !!! ooooh the trhall attacking and coming with the Q quick frost sheath the hell outa here uuuuuh timedistortion + i got some damage let me become the best frost dragon ... no commet when the FM have better ping of the WL, just rise your hands from the keyboard and watch some cutie cats on google to cooldown BM weak ? AHAHAHAHAHA, ok summoner counter them just because the cat have an easy skill that grapple whoever use a block skill.. guess what a BM not blocking is a dead BM against a summoner is dead aniway FM might have an hard time now ... just wait for the beast HM skills he have and NO im not talking about the chi bomb that thing is useless is just for fun Destroyer: no comment nobody got it ''you cant stun him while spinning'', he have chi too he's gonna end it sooner or later also for the typhoon -> KFM Q E resist resist mov speed SEE YAAAA, BM Q E SS pentaslash with resist (you're not forced to use the daze and arial one) im sorry for the summoner just because they cant grapple that easily the destroyer and the BD BD: aaaah yep too mutch resist skills on a low cd dont even know what to think about this class. KFM: Noooo is not that hard you need to remember you have a Q an E a defense pentration easy arial a lot of evade, a low cd SS, a huge amout of cc and the ani-cancer (if you burn the tab quickly you're dead OFC, this how it works) yes but it's a matter of time, you kill it when you have the chance or you're done KFM requirements good internet connection and a good key tapping rythm otherwise you can macro everything Summoner is beatable if you dont panic too mutch and dont act hastily There will ever be full pvp balace ? probably not Do i care ? Nope/Maybe Do i still enjoy the game ? Yes Why ? just a game and it doesnt have to ruin our day sorry for the bad english, this is what i think right now about the pvp take it seriously or with fun xD Have a nice day ;)
  12. Duo Avalanche Den with True Pirate Weapon

    Wouldnt it be better with V - Wingstorm with 18 sec cd ? Also how mutch ping do you have ? cuz on my WL i feel more cluncky and slower at doing damage sorry the bad english
  13. quitting

    I know dude but if you fight him in frostscale basin he use the jump randomly or he summon the totems there too ? because i've never saw them O.o
  14. quitting

    Chu-Chu is a boss in the north region and you can find it even in the ''lair of the frozen fang'' and yes he do like to jump .. fun fact is that you can i-frame the jump and even walk away sometimes
  15. Warlock 100% broken in PvP? Opinions?

    No class is easy in this game, but for WL you need more ''knowledge'' of the enemy since you have a really tiny space to mess up .. if you mess too mutch you're pretty mutch done, on top of that we have a nuke on a 3min cd while other classes have it on 45sec/1min (summoner 18sec ahah) and that's a fact.. lets not lie there is people that will just run when they see the clock (totally legit) ....hek some even run when thrall is up still the match up vs FM is absurdly retarded :\ not considering KFM too :D