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  1. Currency Exchange You can buy in-game gold with your NC coins The player sellin' gold will get HM coins from the transaction
  2. Fixing lags ?? da hell you talking about ???? we are gonna deliver useless stuff for your joy ... more summer outfits OKAY ? and useless events that you can enjoy with 100 + euro
  3. Everyone out there tried to do something similar to Yuran and Jin Soyun or many other anime char :D ME ? i just wanted to portray a generic B**** to joke with my friends, in the end i liked the finished product so i ended up playing with my female Jin WL
  4. More escape skills ? i want it .... but if the warlock wins once again the tournament we are going to get another nerf (Yuppieeee -.-)...
  5. My prediction is that we will have an increase in supply for venom darts, people will start to reach the point where the gear needs to be upgraded with venom darts and the demand will increase aswell = the price for 1 venom dart will probably be higher Because end game gear is a luxury and only who play 18h a day have it hek there is even people who buy gold they're ''beyond'' end game gear
  6. So in JP stuff is cheap, in TW some stuff is cheap some is expensive NA/EU -> everything expensive i like it !
  7. ah people will feel terrible about BDO, enjoy the graphics sure but as every game you'll get bored sooner or later
  8. Like many MMO's the main problem reaching max level is that you dont have ''that'' mutch to do, it is just maxing out your gear (that's the time and money expensive thing) also many korean mmo's have this end game attitude (BDO is not gonna be different for example) I dont want to quit not now and not in the near future since im enjoying the game so far. I might suggest to come back when the silverfrost mountains patch kicks out, who knows, you might like the game again, since the story goes forward, or maybe not. Peace (sorry for the bad english)
  9. Yeah !! There is no yoda in the story !!!.... oh wait... master hong ! FROM NOW ON YOUR NAME SHALL BE .... DARTH CRICKET !! Join the dark side ! Learn the power to save them all !!! The ''Palpatine'' Mushin tower is the new jedi temple :D
  10. AHAHAHAHA This is so true im crying ahahahah, you made my day with this
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