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  1. I've got the same issue. I've closed the game with task manager if it hasn't shut down the first time. And I have top internet connection, and I've tried with ethernet cable. So there has to be a coding mistake or something.
  2. I've experienced the same bug. I've got Packard Bell, with Windows 10. Never had so much issue with connecting to the game as after the update.
  3. I've not had this problem before. I couldn't login after the update that came on Wednesday two weeks ago. Past that, I've been perfectly fine with logging into the game. But now, as the loading screen is going, after you've selected the character and such, it doesn't load completly. At the end, it shows a message saying "disconnected from server", where I have completly perfect internet connection and I've even tried with ethernet cable connected. Is there something I can do, or is this a bug that's bothering many?
  4. That's almost too long :c But I see that they need time to translate, and fix bugs that might appear and those things. Hopefully it'll come early in March, IF it is to come in March.
  5. You, my friend, is a true champion. They go through a lot of shit, having to deal with many who complain, and don't exactly make their job any easier. Costumer service in general as well. One of my friends, complained about the Patch on Wednesday, about it taking over six hours, and complaining about the team. And he quickly learned that he should have more patience, instead of yelling at the ones who are trying to fix it, and find new solutions, (mostly because I told him about how things are from their point of view, and to see it in another perspective instead of being salty af
  6. Why not find something both parties can agree on? Late night in EU, early day in NA (if I'm not mistaken)
  7. Looks like we'll have maintanence today too, maybe. So. Maybe I can go and watch the Blade and Soul anime in the meantime -flies off-
  8. -Dunno, but I'm saying spoilers if you haven't reached Road to Darkness or something- This is what bugs me. A friend of mine, has told me that to continue on the 4 act and 1 chapter (road to darkness); you have to complete Mushin's Tower... Now I reckon one or another has completed the Tower, and maybe the main story line to where it was ended on Road to Darkness, and can tell if this is true, or false.. I really want to progress in the story, but I'm unsure if it came with the patch that came recently, or if it's to come on a later patch :C
  9. I've sent a tweet to BladeAndSoulOPS, but don't know if just one will do :vc
  10. Good to know that I'm not the only one tho :c
  11. I'm having some trouble getting into the bandit hideout. This will be the sixth time I'm trying to enter it today, and I'm really getting tired of doing this over and over again. As I enter the bandit hideout, it takes a few seconds, before it freezes, and it doesn't respond. This happens even when I'm not clicking around on the game or on the background theme. Then an error message shows up few minutes later saying "Disconnected from server" plus some numbers. Few seconds later, it shuts down, and the game disappears from my task bar completely, and I have to start it up over again from the b
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