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  1. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    For 6 man?? that doesn't make sense at all.
  2. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    Well sure but we don't even know which dungeon he's talking about.
  3. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    People complained I had 350 ap with True profane for BSH 6 man..... I repeat, BSH 6 man....... -_-" EDIT: Besides, he said he had 320 ap not 390
  4. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    We don't even know the dungeon he's trying to join. Good work on jumping to conclusion
  5. Crafting adjustment suggestions

    Personally I would remove the potions, unsealing charms, keys and dumplings from drops and vendors. Or remove them from drop and still let the NPC sell them but make the pricing dynamic according to the market.
  6. XD this comment is *gold*
  7. What he`s saying is that you can learn from them to get through the positions where all the bots are around(1900s). Once you know how to beat them you`ll be able to beat them really easily and reach the positions of the real players. I'm stlll in the process of beating them effectively since they are doing the same thing over and over again. I'm with him since NC is not able to ban them effectively, Until they can, I'm learning to beat them effectively.
  8. Dungeon AFKers

    I'd rather have a longer loading time than being in a party filled with leechers. And not reading chat is an issue on their side. What if something happens and they have to communicate? Besides, the player that chats will have the text inside a bubble above his character. And if you can't read english at all, hope that there's someone who can communicate with you or that you find a party without leechers. What I do if I find a leecher, I inform the party and ask to reform party. If they refuse or don't do anything, I just leave. Usually after the first few mobs you can tell who leeches
  9. Dungeon AFKers

    I don't see why people don't just go to lobby, reform party minus the afker/leechers and recruit another person or not recruit? The dungeons are not that tough for a large majority of us. So after the first couple of mobs if they didn't move, reform.
  10. We didn't start at all, we were at the entrance
  11. Assasin unfair on Arena

    Oh wow good to know thanks
  12. It doesn't but I would agree to have that. Well I wanted to practice. Not the same when you're fighting a boss with 6 people when you are used to having 15+ people.
  13. Assasin unfair on Arena

    So basically, as soon as he goes stealth I should spam spin?
  14. Just checked my attack power, it is 343.