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  1. Well, it's a game with emphasis in PVP... having toxic players is just natural.
  2. Hey! This topic is back!! I will say it again. I'm all for more slider range. Both, small and large boobs are beautiful!
  3. Free the wardrobe NCsoft!!! One pay for unlocking the feature!!! Honk if you suppor... no, wait.
  4. Well, only because Daddy let you spend all the money that you want, that doesn't mean that other people likes going throwing money everywhere.
  5. Well, to be fair, the original statement makes sense without sarcasm. You maybe want the costumes. So you pay for the premium, and then for the costumes. And then you realise that you're spending too much in a game and then stop buying costumes... and then you don't need the premium. But then you see new costumes... and in this point you just give up and go play another thing. Maybe a MMORPG with subscription fee than in the end is less expensive.
  6. Oh, a bit defensive, isn't? You did that on the cinema, right? Yes, you did it. Or at least is your dream to do it. Confess it already, we're all anonymous here, don't feel so ashmed!
  7. I just want to have the wardrobe without paying monthly for that. What's the point of paying a sub to have less features than in a P2P game?
  8. Honestly, no, I don't see where you are going with this. The game is free to play simply because will not sustain itself with a subscription model. So, they need people to play to buy costumes, consumables and pay for premium to get money. But if only people willing to pay will pay, they gonna be lonely, so they need people playing for free. And... I still not want to pay a subscription just to have a feature. I still has to buy the costumes. And the slots for more characters. And I still don't know what more because I'm still low level. So... what's the iss
  9. But is useless, if you can't change costumes everytime you want, there's no point in a wardrobe. This is not fun, not fun at all. NCsoft is like Blizzard, doesn't like fun.
  10. You're the type of people that goes to see a movie and in the middle stands up and start screaming to the whole cinema. "Guys, guys! Stop watching a moment! Remember that's all fake. There's no spaceships, those are models. And those cool weapons doesn't exists, all are CG. And those creatures, all make up. Guys, remember, everything is faaaake. Remember guys!!"
  11. Because having a wardrobe where you have your costumes and you can switch between them when you want is fun. Not having it is not as fun. But you need to pay for premium every time. Or you wardrobe is gone. So in the end is the pay to play model. Except that you still has to buy the nice costumes.
  12. I really hate the gacha boxes. They got overboard with those things in Tera. Worst thing ever. But, I don't want the wardrobe for free. I want to make a payment to unlock. Paying premium to get it, is like paying a regular MMORPG sub.
  13. You're not serious, right? Please, tell me that you're just trolling. Please.
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