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  1. Not fair, I can't be a drunk lady gunner like the one in the anime...
  2. Well, it's a game with emphasis in PVP... having toxic players is just natural.
  3. 2K? Seriously? I don't think that I even want it for free. I really dislike the valentine outfit. It's lame.
  4. Hey! This topic is back!! I will say it again. I'm all for more slider range. Both, small and large boobs are beautiful!
  5. Nah, BnS can't rival WoW. If fact, no other MMORPG can rival it. The only one that maybe can give a fair fight is FF XIV ARR, maybe. That being said, Blizzard seems to be doing their best to kill it. WoD is like doing bungee jumping without a rope. If they miss again with Legion, I don't know if they going to have another chance.
  6. I didn't like at all this event. Even the paid costumes are lame.
  7. Hopefuly the next costumes will be nice, because honestly the valentine costumes are kinda lame.
  8. About going back to WoW, guess that depends of Legion. If they do a good job with the expansion I will probably go back. But if they do a Cata or WoD again... I doubt it. And about BnS... I love making characters and getting outfits. The combat is fun. It's a pretty game. But the game isn't really alt friendly. The crafting system is not fun. I'm enjoying playing... for now at least. I don't know for how much will last. But, time will say.
  9. A man's conquest? I never saw it in that light... Now I don't want the costume.
  10. No, dummy, time limited like in buy it now or you can't anymore. Congratulations on getting the founder thingie, but not everyone is made of money. And if RNG boxes have costumes that's something interesting. Costumes are very interesting!! Costumes are awesome.
  11. And don't forget to buy overpriced time limited costumes and overpriced inventory space for each of your characters (and don't forget to pay for the slot for each one of your alts!), and don't forget either to buy lots of RNG boxes!
  12. The thing is that if you are forced to pay for premium you're paying a sub. And if you're paying a sub, then you have more competition. Because you sure can pay a sub here. But also you can go and pay a sub in WoW or FFXIV ARR. Or in any of the other F2P with Premium. The microtransactions at least give you the sensation of being in control. "I can spend what I want when I want." You can buy a gazillon of costumes and skins, but you're not forced to keep paying for it. You paid for it and it's done. Having to pay Premium is just the old Sub model.
  13. If the game becomes Pay to Play, as in paying a sub, they will need to remove the cash shop and give all characters slots. And inventory space would be unlockable with ingame money. Otherwise would be just a bad joke.
  14. I stopped playing Tera because they went overboard with the gacha boxes. I guess that here will be the same. And it's a shame.
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