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  1. Ocean Life Force

    it has an achievement where you can unlock a skill....but will need more kinds of potion too from the lv50 dungeons(which is not yet released)
  2. you do know how GameGuard is notorious right? they even ban non-cheater players......obviously this is an organized group I've played on BNS JP where there are no spammers on faction chat, thats what you call teamwork
  3. Exploit or ok?

    ani-cancel is completely legal in this is one of the features
  4. DPS Meter Request

    DPS meter?....why not focus on not dying when doing dungeons? LOL
  5. So much crap... not enough space....

    dafuq....the game system was already like this for so many years and you wont see players complain about this
  6. Summoner? Are they good?

    PVE go
  7. Disconnected from server(2000)(133,0)

    funny how people post things like this before checking things out first....what a helpless creature
  8. The real WHY summoner is OP

    LOL maybe you are just plain bad....if you visit BNS JP/TW you wont see any summoner on the ranking its just assassins/destroyer/KFM those are the real OP if you know how to play
  9. Optimization for LOW-End PC

    kidding aside....that low-end pc optimization really looks like that you cant change the resolution and atleast you can still play it
  10. Free to players

    but...but the game is "Free to Play" .....and I benefit from those rich @ss kids who do bidwars
  11. Yet another promise falling through

    you want KR voicepack? play on BNS KR its already implemented there *grabs popcorn*
  12. Optimization for LOW-End PC

    i got a solution for that . . . . . . . buy a new pc that can run BNS properly
  13. NCSoft, why you don't want my money?

    in BNS JP the wardrobe storage is free......*Im looking at you BNS NA/EU*