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  1. We can draw a conclusion from this though. Summoners are indeed too stronk.
  2. I have one big issue with this game and that is not being able to level in any other way than through quests. It's very boring to be honest. The thought of making a new character and having to do all the quests all over again makes me cringe and I get so bored of the game just thinking about it. Why is there only one way to level? Why do you not give big exp for completing dungeons? Why can't you get big exp for pvping? Why can't you get big exp for gathering and crafting? Why can't you get big exp from exploring maps and areas? Why can't you get big exp for upgrading gear? Why no
  3. It's sad that they don't understand that they would be making more money if the prices were lower. It's simple marketing and economics teaching and it's really embarrassing that they don't even know this. There would be more people willing to pay that way. I would have without a doubt have paid them by now if they had better price ranges as would many others, but right now what they're asking us to pay is extreme and they're only hurting themselves. Even if it is just cosmetics and it's not something you have to have, the price will still scare people away.
  4. You sure you're not confusing it with the bank space? You do get to buy slots there for ingame money a bit before it asks for bags.
  5. I made a thread about this not long ago saying the same thing that the system needs to be changed. However it has grown on me and I like it now. You can earn lots of money from it which I didn't realize at first. Stay through the entire bidding process if you want to get a share of the bidding pot. It's always nice when someone goes crazy and bids a lot of silver. This system actually keeps balance so if you don't get your item you will at least get money to bid for it the next time. If you still hate it you can always solo or run the dungeon with a clan or friends.
  6. Why do these people who get banned think it will help their situation to come here on the forums and complain? It says in your ticket that no matter what you do your account will never be opened again, give it up.
  7. This usually happens on new releases, takes a month or so to get it better in my experience. Unless of course the problem is your computer. You wont get a refund from them and you don't deserve one. You made a stupid decision to buy premium so early on, your fault not theirs.
  8. It's good if you ever get hacked which there is a very small chance that it would happen. I've been gaming for 13 years and I've never been hacked once. But still the chance is there. If you want to have more slots make another account or waste money buying more slots.
  9. My first character I always follow story and do quests. Second character I want to level by doing something different usually that is dungeons. My third character would be nice if I can level through PvPing like in Guild Wars 2. Fourth maybe crafting. I like having options and not being limited to one thing. Questing is by far the most boring thing you can do for levels though at least on your second character, dungeons are another thing. It's just more fun even if it is repetitive as well.
  10. Like I've said before, this should have been put in at launch. Every game has a way to prevent spammers and they somehow forgot to put it in. This was a mistake on their part and so they don't deserve any thank you, not yet. When they manage to get rid of spammers completely I'll thank them.
  11. I don't get why this game has leveling guides. The only way to truly level is by doing quests which is really sad, they really need to give you exp for dungeons and pvp. Gets boring to make new char and have to do every single thing you already did over and over again. I keep bringing up Guild Wars 2 and I will again because they did really good on certain aspects of their game. You can level through exploring the game, pvping, dungeons, questing, crafting etc. They even give you tomes that level you up and you can get these as rewards from pvp chests. I wish B&S had something like this, s
  12. Haha it's not as easy as it looks buddy but good luck.
  13. It's the same, you have to skill it. Press K and you'll find it at the bottom.
  14. Wardrobe should be free though that's a no brainer. Guild Wars 2 has a even better wardrobe system that is completely free that is shared on the entire account and the characters you have on it not just one character. This is just greed on NCSoft's side which is normal for them.
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