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  1. when your used to Que that takes 4 sec in dungeons and pvp and now can expect to wait up to 2 min on dungeons to be filled and 1 min in pvp + the amount of messages that is being written on the forum with 7 hours interval and stuff its clearly to see that the game has gone extremly downhill, bots, gold spammers, aaaaaaand, thats basicly it, wow have and will allways have bots and gold sellers, its even worse on wow, like INSANE , yet ppl is happly playing the game, stop whining ..... tired of it. my head cant take it

  2. Just now, DoowieEU said:

    Nope, Summoners can be a pain for Warlocks unfortunately. Warlocks hit hard, but they have very few ways to get out of CC and we have our cloud to block all the damage that you can send out way.


    So once we get you on the floor, you are unfortunately dead.

    But again people need to look at the tournament results from Korean. You will see that Summoners were no where near the top. 

    i dont care about tournament, the dmg they do at level 45 is outrages, and requires NO skills, i surely dont hope any summoner call them self skillfully , skills is when you outplay some1, you can mess up a ton as a summoner and still win, but as a kfm, your dead on the spot

  3. Just now, HailNKill said:

    If you have trustworthy friends,yes.
    I did 3-4 runs with clannies today and dropped a bm book,sold from 360g and shared 90g each for example.

    what do you mean if you hve trust worthy friends, if its just in the dungeon finder wouldnt they bid insanely high even for a skill that they dont need?

  4. Just now, TheRealBronx said:

    The expensive book will give you 3 Legendary Lightning Draw paths.


    1) increased damage on cc'd targets, including knockdowns.


    2) lightning pentagram of death


    3) can use skill twice if the first use crits.


    Buy this book. It's very worth.

    so lets say it drops i bsh, will all 4 ppl bid for it, if yes, isnt it insanely good to farm bsh 4 man for gold since every1 will bid extremely high on legendary skills? IF dropped

  5. half the time i knock them up in the air and i wanna use my combo but they just fall to the ground, like as if they jump right out of my combo, it makes NO sense, and they cant use immunity when in the air allready :S happens 70% of the time , i use take flight and wanna use RMB or LMB but they just fall through it as if nothing happen, its a major glitch

  6. i wondered what ability made my lightning draw do an aoe trap like blade call, is that the 1 from pvp? i've heard that the PVE version from BSH is increased dmg with lightning draw, like higher crits. 10k+s, so what is the pvp for?, i've also noticed that the lightning draw with aoe field seems to be better for pve than pvp? 

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