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  1. beeen playing tons of mmos where every1 says thats the end game is really hard, elder scrolls online community called theyre so called hard mode dungeons extremely harde but really wasnt anything


    is there anything thats hard in this game or is it just a cake walk and a breexe :)? really curious, i like a challenge,  with trial and error

  2. 1 minute ago, Cesura said:

    I'm pretty sure we NEVER had the infernal horns available from the achievement vendor. Nothing has been removed, so if they're not there now, then they were never there. 


    You're going to need to farm the dungeon for them.

    i mean the black horns ,not the one from infernal set, , the once from silverfrost mountains, it says that you can get it from the achievement vendor though

  3. 5 minutes ago, YunoGasaiYandere said:

    Option 1 follow story quest  only (yellow quests)

    Option 2 buy lv50 voucher from shop. You will be able to create lv50 character and start at act V of story. It's 50€ or 50$ depending on your region.

    not gonna buy my way :) so is the story mission all i need to do really? did they boost that?

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