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  1. Hello everyone, To make this short, I haven't played ever since "Warlock" got released. I already saw the "Welcome Back to B&S" page and "Welcome Back! – Player Tips to Getting Back In" thread. I still have a lot of questions, but only 3 are important for me right now: Is the wardrobe still behind a paywall? Did any other class suffered a nerf after summoner? Can i destroy the useless clothings and other useless items that waste space in bank? (most of them are story related as far as i remember???) Thanks
  2. EASY! 1. Toxic community (less than the 50% but still a high amount) 2. Elitist and egotistical high level players (If they dont call you noob they call you poor and even peasant) 3. Shitty, greedy and GRIND fest RNG 4. Queue at overpopulated (old/main) servers 5. You need to pay to start using mail and wardrobe is a money grab And many other reasons.
  3. When i knew that we have to pay for start using the mail system, and then started to imagine the master mind behind it...
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