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  1. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    I dont know if it is pay2win . Ill tell you when i play it .
  2. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    Amazing graphics , action combat , open world MASS pvp , sieges and no instances .
  3. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    Do you like PVP ? not the instanced crap bns has , open world pvp .
  4. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    Black Desert is coming in 1 month . Lets see how most people will feel about its PvP and lets see how many will be still doing 1vs1 here by then . Lel . QQ
  5. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    No , its not the fault of the players , its how the game is designed and forces players to behave like that .
  6. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    yes arena is great , but this ain't a 1vs1 or 3vs3 arena game . It is supposed to be an MMO (MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER) , and 1 vs 1 is not an MMO
  7. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    Think about it , did you ever went into the trouble of making a party ? Or to even "preapare" for anything ? Have you ever "chatted" with anyone in you dungeon parties ? Would you even notice if instead of real people you had bots in your party in dungeons ? Have you ever made a party to farm a boss ? To kill an objective ? To fight with enemy faction ? Is that engaging in an mmo ? All you do is "team" up with people ( that might as well be bots and you wouldnt care about it ) that 90 % of the time you'll never remember their names and you might never see them again cause you may never meet again in the "same channel " . Are there gonna be moments like this one in this game : -damn here comes "allmightydagger" -damn man this guy has this epic armor and he is 5 levels above us -shit dude we have to run -no we won't ill call people from the clan *people from the clan form a party and kill the "allmightydagger" dude and they take the all important farming spot . 5 minutes go by and the "allmightydagger" guy comes back with 3 of his clan mates and reck the full-party enemies . -*cricket* dude , lets organize and hit them when they farm , ill target this dude , you stun that dude and we kill them . *they come back and kill them again and they take the farming spot... for 3 minutes And the whole night goes like this , pvping for a spot . NO CHANNELS , NO UNIFORM OR SIDE CHANGING in 1 minute . And yes , that night was *cricket*ing awesome .
  8. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    I am extremely sad to agree with this . First 5 days i was playing i felt like i was in MMO heaven . Good graphics (not amazing but pretty enough not to get in the way ) , good story (for an mmo) , AND most importantly , AMAZING gameplay and freaking BEAUTIFUL COMBAT system . And i was like : " Dear god , please let there be a good engaging endgame that makes you wanna log all day and farm-pvp-farm " . But no , as far as i have seen there is no such thing . PvP that gets switched on and off in 10 seconds ? PvP that lets you change sides in 1 minute ? Just like that ? Is that engaging ? "Oh my side is losing , ill change sides in 1 minute , no problem . " "oh this place is full of enemies , ill just change a channel in 1 minute and be alone and farm easily , no problem " Well , archeage had great ideas in terms of gameplay too , but had no endgame (plus a pay2win system ) and where is archeage now ? Hmmm looking to merge all of its servers because they went empty in 4 months . Hmmmm, what did they do wrong i wonder ? They did not give people a reason to PvP (and moreover to farm for it ). Its as simple as that . Old time mmo players should ask themselves , why is L2 still alive ? Why a game with shitty gameplay (comparing to todays mmos ) is still alive ? Why are there still countless private servers with most of the L2 chronicles ? Why ? I'll *cricket*ing tell you why , cause it has the best PvP system an MMO ever had . Free PvP everywhere , castles , dungeons, CLAN WARS , CONTESTED raid bosses , CONTESTED areas of farming . Not the ability to change sides in a matter of seconds . Not the ability to change "channels " where areas are empty so its easy to farm what you want for . You had to *cricket*ing struggle to get the important stuff so you would have the upper hand when you have to fight for a castle with another enem clan . What do you fight for here anyway ? Why do you grind ? To kill someone who is red but yet has the option to turn in your side in 1 minute ? Nah , ill pass . BDO is on its way . And it has sieges , castles , clan wars . But it doesn't have the combat systen BnS has , which is a shame , but then again , if i have to choose between a great combat system and a great PvP system , ill choose the latter .
  9. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    How old are you ? This is a serious question , im in no way trolling or anything .
  10. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    Whats the point of levelling ? Whats the point of grinding good gear? Whats the point of dungeons ? Whats the point in farming ? If not for "getting ready " to fight other players then you should play offline games . Dont you do all this stuff to be ready for pvp ? If not why are you playing an MMO ? Just stick to offline games . By that logic lets just remove levels , remove gear , remove loot , cause hey , you can have fun by slaying a hard boss but NO you wont get any loot man , cause people like you dont need it . Why would you get loot when you kill a boss? Its a competition between you and a hard boss , isnt that enough for you ? lol
  11. [MUSHIN] OWPVP Dead 2 Weeks in.

    So my fears (which i saw it coming since level 15 ) are true . There is no point in world PvP . Let me get this straight , is there NO other place apart from the wyverns location that you fight for smth with the opposite faction ? Thats it ? ONE boss? At ONE specific location ? Over and over ? If ncsoft ever wonders why people keep going back to Lineage they should drop me an email and ill explain them how NOT to *cricket* up a new game with an excellent combat system that goes to waste since you only can use it against other players in arena games . (since there is no olPVP ) I dont wanna be fighting 1 vs 1 . I wat freaking mass PVP battles fighting for SOMETHING more than a single boss . Jesus , dont they have anyone in there to give them some advice ? Whos *cricket*ing bright idea was to be able to change uniform in 10 *cricket*ING seconds ? Seriously , its the like the game is trying to push you away from pvping . I said once at a region shout "what's the point in owPVP " , and someone responded "fun ? " , and i said " yeah it is fun but do you fight for smth or is it just random killing each other with no purpose ? " he responded "that logic " and he blocked me .
  12. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    Well thank god it does cause other than that i dont see a point in PvP in this game so far . Otherwise if it wasnt tied and there was zero point in pvp , the game would have 5 % of the people that play now . I believe this game has no future in the endgame part when all clans are full and don't need to PvP to level up .
  13. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    The carebears are real . Or you can always go plays sims . There is no PvP there
  14. faction wars??

    Dear lord finally has the same questions with me on this one . I still dont get whats the point in faction dailies and prestige points and stuff . Can one kind soul briefly explain what are you doing in faction quests ? You win prestige points , then you rank up , then you win prestige points and you rank up more in random fights and thats it ? I really hope theres more to it or else this seems like another fail end game pvp mmo . And yes the combat is freaking amazing but im not interested in playing 1 vs 1 to rank up . I would play Tekken if i wanted to do 1 vs 1 . This is a massive online game so PvP should be , well , massive .
  15. Crashing after PIN

    Its up but we cant go in , it freezes after we enter the pin