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  1. It's disappointing we have to use the mail for this to begin with - why isn't there an account bank?
  2. I don't even know why this would be a rage-worthy issue; it's blatantly anti-consumer under the guise of being bot protection. A captcha would have worked just fine. Hell, I had premium gifted to me and I can't even access the mail. I do not intend to spend a penny myself unless this sort of nonsense is fixed.
  3. It would help if this thread were elsewhere, I think.
  4. They seem to have messed this feature up, then - I cannot even enter the email fields to indicate that I'd like to send something to an alt. Though even if this IS the case, this still isn't okay. It's a necessary social feature being locked off under the guise of bot prevention. This is a weak solution.
  5. Just hit level 15 to try and send mail hoping for the same just to find the 'soft' paywall. Seriously? I get that this is anti-bot support, but wouldn't a Captcha have been just a smidge lees restrictive to legitimate users? This isn't okay. At all. I won't be buying NCoin until this is fixed.
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