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  1. What to do at endgame?

    Never trust the Ncsoft Staff, upgrade all equipment u can fast when is released or 2months maximum (after that becomes cheaper and u loss materials, time,effort...) w8 for players info, check this forum & reddit, create all alters on same account u can also create extra accounts (new comers allways get BIG rewards and u can earn some ez money / items) be patient, rly patient and dont forget, never trust ncsoft staff, twitter, forums, twitch ect.
  2. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Thanks god u make this change. almost all could obtain/craft Gems, but now only whaleClasses we can obtain those powders and sell for more Gold to sell on webpages to nerds who can spend their parents money on this game. Thanks ;)
  3. OH yes, we have 2 awakened skills, ohh yes air combo was broken. OH crap, why we need 2 awakened skills when all clases can iframe - block - resis - evade us most of the time? For what im rly worried is about our survival, Why KFM can handle a fight vs 6 ppl¿ or scumm run to africa when he decides he wont fight anymore? i mean, before we were able to resist / def most of the incoming cc, sumon our pet use SB and keep (Z) fresh just in case, and it was not a broken rotation bcoz as i said evey class have some survival or alot of survival... but now we dont have any survival just SB our party and pray for us oh holy jesus. The sad thing is why i have to spend GOLD/TIME on a class what is so frustrating while i can enjoy a mega dps class or troll ppl around just spining? i hope they do something about this.
  4. Warlock right rotation?

    Well every rotation always depends on your stats, high level rotation = high critical probability and Hm for DragonCall or Helix and Volley. I am at HM 11 and i use frost built, 0 points on mantra (LMB)-1 Tier Rupture (F) Focus recovery. TAB (sumon)> 2> Leech> V> 4> 3> TAB (buff) meanwhile V> 4 of the proc of using the 3 and again V> 4 of the buff Now RMB spam > F > 4. Reasons for the opener 3 reduces cooldown of leech in 6 secs, after SB u can use 3 again after V>4 to reset V>4 once again and reduce cooldown of leech in 12Secs but u will lose 3 secs of sb (15s) and 3 of BB (10s, to be able of reset leech insta SB ends and keep ur dps high using more DC's then usually.
  5. Forever Chaos - Cerulean Order

    This thread is alive? im looking for Suiba, i need to talk with him ^^, but he is never online T_T
  6. Login problem?

    Thx ;)
  7. Login problem?

    Anything to do? or just wait till they notice us?
  8. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    0 gem hammers for me, THX i will be with 2 slots when i was with 4
  9. Faction dailies are completely retarded

    Letme talk about SSP on CN, ceruls farming on chn1 - crimsons farming on chn2. this means a lot of mats, but here only we are fighting showin up our eropean power troller. In a perfect world we can farm each faction on each channels.
  10. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    on my true pirate with 4 slots ive used Gem hammers Of course.... on my new true breeze only i have 2 so........ i think i am elegible.
  11. Gem Hammers for Affected Players

    So, the ppl who has upgraded from true pirate to true breeze "after" the last patch we gonna got a refound x4 Gemm hammers or not? im being patience with this thing, but in dont know what the staff are going to do for us.
  12. I have tried on 3 servers to join the faction "Red" and is always busy. How population is regulated within each? Tell us why you chose your faction or that you like more. For I have always been Crimsom "Red" because China had more level on red side then blue.
  13. Donde encuentro latinos ?

    En latino América y en SudAmérica