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  1. Game client keeps crashing

    Sadly, it's that stupid Gameguard. The heck they put it back again?! It was so fine before the 4th day, now everyone crashes, again! I'll just take a break from this till they fix the crashing and disconnecting (and apparently it's going to be a long break, knowing them)
  2. "failed to upload character photo"

    And does that apply to character presets? :o
  3. The idea sounds good enough. For now, i don't see any serious drawbacks with this. Let's see what other people say about this. :)
  4. New Class Soul Fighter :o

    Hi. yeah, i hope it would come out as soon as possible. But i think it will take a while, since it is new in Korea and we already only recently got warlock. Still hope it gets soon! :D
  5. Delete all Soulstones from server DB

    The best solution imo is just making soulstones untradable.... Is that too much to ask?
  6. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    And it's darn stupid too...
  7. PC crashing 2-5 minutes after game (specs in thread)

    Yeah, they said it's my ram, but it's hardly the case if it ran fine before.... And this time it might not even be Gameguard's fault! They removed it so no. I wish they fixed this. BUMP! Wait wait, perma active??!!! I thought it was turned off O.O (the heck ncsoft?!)
  8. Friend is quiting because of DC's, so am I

    I am dcing a ton now too, but only after this and last update. They say it's my ram, that is too little 3gb needed, my pc uses 3.25, might be the case BUT why was it perfect before the update? Because it isn't even on my end, that's for sure....
  9. fps stutters are terrible after unchained update.

    the possible failure is gameguard and excessive use of cpu causes stuttering audio and video knows this true? support... It is!?!! I will go check if i crash anymore :D
  10. Using Razer cotex + contig bannable?

    Could you tell me which ones? Then the only drawback is the crashing caused by interactive with other programs and antivirus programs?
  11. Question about warlock.

    Well, hope they get buffed either way, they were nerfed to ground after all :D
  12. Need FPS instability fix ASAP

    I am an amd, and i crash due to gameguard. xd
  13. Gameguard needs to go away.

    Yeah, i hate that so muuuuch.....
  14. Gameguard needs to go away.

    Same :(
  15. Do you think NcSoft will remove Gameguard?

    Fine, if it helps, than good. But come on! I think you can see how the performance fell after this patch and the previous one, when Gameguard was put in again. They have to fix that rootkit anti-cheat program. I crash every few minutes, i'd rather have bots than not being able to play at all >.>