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  1. 19 minutes ago, SkanMLL said:

    For me being knocked down, counters are easy, but when grappled (whether on ground or air) for whatever reason about 75% of the time, the counters don't do anything at all... I'm thinking its a timing issues but there's no indicator anywhere..  Some fights I'm able to get out nearly every time other fights it just goes on cooldown and does nothing..

    I think its a ping issue, iam with you here mate i never got it to work, not even a lucky escape yet xD. I read somewhere you have to push it right when u got hit, but iam not sure.

  2. On 25.1.2016 at 7:20 PM, Asumoku said:

    I suppose no matter how you explain or how much you clarify, people will always only hear what they want to hear lol  I fail to see how any of the points listed mean that I said it was OP, but, oh well, you gotta rationalize it some how, I guess :P


    Anyways, I'm surprised at the amount of feedback that this post generated and I want to thank you all for giving me your thoughts :) I got some of the usual posts I was expecting from a raging community, but a lot of you took the time to actually understand what I was trying convey.  Looks like I'll even get a few sparring matches out of this, too :D


    I'm gonna like it here.

    Wow you fail to see how these points make summoners OP? Op = the class is to strong compared to the rest.

    Saying the class itself is the challange is exactly that? Why else would the class itself be the challange if it isnt to strong?

    Saying all Summoners learned their class and the rest doesnt, simply means it doesnt take a lot of effort to learn it and be successfull with it.

    If the majority of people cant figure out to beat it, it also means its not balanced- because the majority obviously can figure out every other class but this. Its ok your class will be nerfed @ lvl50 which is enough proof to everyone with a bit of brain.


    The maximal potential of the summoner might be lower than the potenial of other classes, but that doesnt matter much because the majority of people are not godly skilled like the guys you see in tournament. The majority of people is obviously average at pvp. Therefore if there is a class which full potiental is unlocked with average and below skill and it beats all other classes because of that its simply to strong.

  3. Du brauchst 2 geskillte CC's besser 3.

    Stun auf Summoner -> geskillte 1 für 30 sec cc

    Summoner klickt sich raus geskillter Z um dmg zu vermeiden

    Spinn um dmg zu vermeiden

    nach ca. 12sec wenn 1 wieder ready ist erneuter stun auf summoner und wieder 1 für erneute 30 sec CC

    Summoner sollte sich nicht mehr rausklicken können

    Katze töten

  4. OP stated himself that summoners are op several times by saying:

    The summoner itself is the challange.

    All summoners learned how to play their class the rest doesnt.

    The whole lot of people cant figure out how to counter them.


    Basically saying this class is low effort high reward. You dont have to do a lot to be successful. Or a synonym: to strong to be dealt with by the majority of people. Another proof is they are getting weaker with 50 patch obviously because they did need that nerf. Rest is just definding their class.