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  1. Error E03014

    i installed today, and same error when i try to start the game
  2. i played normaly for about 1 hour aggo, but since 20min back i cant do anything, if i hit my character just stand there, i can move, but everything else is stuck in place, i never had this problem until 20 min aggo, im Playing on "Ebon Hall" (EU-server
  3. Extreme lags

    Anyone else notice some extreme laag the last 10 - 20minutes, its so bad so my char stop fighting for like 10 - 15 sec, and sometimes its DC me
  4. i dont think KFM need a nerf =P.. i play a KFM and havint a hard time with it (lvl34 and suck) but still :D and i what about summoner will the nerf hammer smach em hard into the ground???
  5. I have used windows10 since the "free update" was avaliable and i hav had no problems playing games with win10 BnS is working without any problems in win10 (for me atleast)
  6. 5 Hour Downtime again

    like some ppl say "get a life its only 5hours, get a job bla bla bla" now the thing is, i got 3 kids, they are at school between 08:00 - 15:00 so the only time i can play is basiclyl when they are at school and thats the time the server shutsdown, so yea i got a life, and i want to be able to use my spare time playing games, its great they try to fix stuff, but like ppl sed, alot of this problems should have been prepered for pree launch,
  7. 5 Hour Downtime again

    they had a server shutdown 2 - 3days aggo and that one was for 4hours aswell... and now 2 days later they have another maintaince.. and yes its great that they trying to fix the buggs and spams and shit, but still... i play on EU server since i live in sweden, and in EVERY game its the same, always server shutdown in the middle of the day. GuildWars2 had a real good thing they uppdated and patched the servers, tryed them out, THEN they put the patch/fix official so ppl just had to reboot game and then start it again, and that worked realy good, so no downtime at all there also i think that Premium members should get +1 day more on there premium when there is 4+hours shutdown (today and wednsday i lost 1 day premium if you put together the hours)
  8. Crashing after PIN

    i dont get the Disconnected from server message, i enter pin and the game crash to the desktop and a poppup come where i can enter a crashReport
  9. Crashing after PIN

    yea the game crashed for me aswell, i restarted it it installed the 12 patch, and now game keep crashing everytime i enter pin
  10. Game Crashing (Resolved, I think)

    i got the same problem aswel. and have had it for like 15 minutes..
  11. Game Crash

    Same this happend here, around 10 - 15 min aggo, i was joining a dungeon group, was runnig towards instans and the game crashed, now it crashes everytime when i enter the pin trying to "repair" the files atm, but i dont think it will solve it, my guess is that the game crashed and we cant get back in is due the "server adding patch" that will come soon so i guess we have to wait until the game servers are added and then try and see if it works.. to bad thou since im 7day premium user =((