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  1. fix the crashes pls..

    I'm on server Starfall Crater and im getting non stop disconnects please NCSOFT restard the servers or start a maintenance do something this is just stupid...
  2. Crashes

    yep same problem as soon as i make something like check someone else profile or get into dungeon almost instant disconnect...
  3. Error 3000

    ...entered mushin tower same story..after 3-4 mins disconnect...i seriosly think about quitting game my nerves dont last so much to this shit
  4. yep...today in arena i gave up after 3 destro bots..they should put lvl 45 hm 5 on arenas...lets see then how many bots there are
  5. Error 3000

    i got same one ncsoft get ur *cricket*ing shit together...im getting really frustrated
  6. Price around 150-160 add me up in game RasAlGhulTheOne
  7. the soulshield to get

    i heard you get new one from beating mushin and probably some from the new dungeon also
  8. problems

    Guys wtf is going on with your servers and with the cross server?Today i got kicked 6 times from the game by an error...please do something now i lost loot from kae mujin 4 man after 40 mins of play...this is bullshit and we dont even get something in return for all of this..maintenance kicks..please solve the problems guys
  9. Free Goodies for downtime

    yeee gief us some of those blue damn keys..
  10. i have a problem

    I'm lvl 19 assasin and i just got to dragonblood cave where 2 statues of dragons are in the middle of the cave but i cant get pass them.. some people said theres an npc inside but i couldnt see it please help