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  1. report of gold sellers

    well there names are like djsfnkdfnds soo its kinda hard they will just a new account and make a new char play it to Bamboo village and agian with a name like fdsnfkjvn soo reporting the playing wont really work -.-' well most of em are bots anyways :P
  2. Disconnect on log in.

    Do people Read the forums? THERE IS MAINTANCE GOING ON!!! they are adding more servers and expanding currend servers!!
  3. 7 Day Wait For Character Deletion (Premium)

    well i kinda get the 7 Days waiting its make it so that Hackers wont be able to insta delete characters where you worked hard on (YES PEOPLE STILL DO THAT) but they should make it around 1-2 Days what is more reasonable time to wait becouse some people just dont like the playstyle of a class they choose
  4. Purchased NCoins but still no premium

    I had no problem i bought €20 worth of NCoints and got 30 Day premium once i bought it in the B&N shop
  5. server Population

    Is there a way to see how populair servers are like about how many players are on that and how much % is Crimson Legion and Cerulean Order??
  6. Don't kick people for afk

    well if everyone started thinking like that no one would accually be able to play properly becouse all the idiots are just AFKING in the game soo lets just say a server will have 5K people in it and then only like 500 are playing becouse the other 4500 dont wanna get into a queue becouse they need to go work or something like that and once they are done they wanna play directly once they get home so ofcourse they are gonne add a AFK timer in it becouse everyone should have a chance to play and dont like Waiting for queue's Buy premium
  7. Things made me quit this Awesome game after reaching level 15

    Well personally i hate the bidding system with the loot becouse if I need a weapon to evolve my currend one and some guy that is a differend class keep bidding on it just so that lose ALOT of money on it I find really annoying they need to make it that only the right class can Bid on it. Lets say a Blade master needs to upgrade his/her weapon soo goes into a dung but then a Assasin keep bidding on a item ONLY the Blade master can use they really need to make it that in that instance only Blade masters can bit on that sword not a freaking assasin to fk over the Blade Master and ofcourse I know other Blade Master who already have that upgrade might try to let them pay as much as possitble. But thats my View on it
  8. They should have done a better time for the update alot of people are awake and maybe just got back from school or something they where better off doing this around 4AM UTC cuz then Most EU players are still in bed and people wont really notice the maintence :/
  9. They wanna make it that as many people can accually log in what I can get but indeed they should do something about Bugs cuz everytime I log in first think I need to do is Go to windowed mode and then back to fullscreen mode becouse my Mouse keeps bugging out to my 2nd screen otherwise
  10. pvp abuse

    the Open world PvP is balanced in my eyes the moment you put on a Faction outfit you are basicly saying COME AND ATTACK ME! you are inviting people to attack you then. I have been killed many times by the enemy Faction becouse I had my Faction clothes on but I did the same to other people and the people I killed even said please just dont kill me but if you don't wanna get killed don't put on the outfits and keep them in your bank