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  1. 1v1 arena stressful

    Are you new to PvP? You'll get used to it, it's the adrenaline of competition rushing through your body. Afterall you are facing real people, a person somewhere behind his desk, wanting to smack your face in in the arena. If you are not used to the adrenaline, you will *cricket* up and make mistakes. I used to have that problem too, way back, PvPing made me nervous, weird feeling in my body, but after a while you get used to it, deal with it, and get a lot better, you'll start PvPing FOR that adrenaline.
  2. Or, like many, you could do both maintenances at a different time instead of at the same time so both regions have their maintenance off-peak. That is catering to both regions, which you should as a business or else it'll fail. Even Trion, who has such an incredibly bad reputation with ArcheAge, does maintenance for ArcheAge on a completely different time for NA and EU. (Example of the last maintenance; 2/2/16 8 AM PST for NA, 2/3/16 2 AM GMT for EU (which is 5 PM PST)), this is kinda the only good thing you can say about them though... It baffles me why NCSoft puts the maintenance for both regions on the same time.
  3. RNG... at times I hate it, but when everything goes right, I love it. I had bought like 50 Profane Jianshi (or how ever you spell it) essences, had 4+ costume boxes and like 7 adornement boxes. This is when RNG goes right. But I also spent 36 keys to get my Golden Deva weapon (untradeable, I went completely broke and I am just f2p, at that level it was devestating) back when I needed it. This is when RNG goes wrong. Have been playing ArcheAge (CasinoAge) since beta, by now, I am used to RNG...
  4. World PvP in this game is absolutely horrible, one of the worst I have ever participated in. Sadly, because I love world PvP in every MMORPG I play. Arena is more fun in this game for sure, but it's not my kind of thing to do all day long.. The game is also way more balanced to 1v1 than World PvP. Can't wait for Camelot Unchained :(
  5. Cosmetics

    It stays the same, I can confirm this, I glamoured a sword from the AH on my weapon and the skin stayed when I upgraded it.
  6. Jun Ho also has some lv45 BM builds he put on his Twitch profile for NA/EU players, he's like the best BM in Korea.
  7. The score system is bias.

    I once killed a person right when the timer ran out and the score came up, he still won... Yep.
  8. BnS VS WoW

    Sure, the graphics might not be 2016, but I choose gameplay over graphics any day. Sandbox > Themepark in my opinion. Also, all videos you have seen is very early Alpha footage, it's not polished at all and they haven't worked on the models and graphics yet, but the engine and its capabilities are one of the best I have ever seen. I have to say though CU will be definitely mostly an MMORPG for those that love big battles with hundreds of people, sieging player-build castles and all, working together with your guild. There will be no boring questing, no mob grind, just PvP, war and crafting. Subcription only, no cash shop. I am really hoping a lot for this game and if CU fails me, I have lost all hopes in finding a good MMO that can grasp me like older MMOs used to be able to do.
  9. BnS VS WoW

    I can't wait for Camelot Unchained (spiritual successor of the old Dark Age of Camelot). Camelot Unchained is kinda my last hope in finding a good MMO in todays age. I like some stuff in BnS but I will drop it in a heartbeat once CU is in beta / released.
  10. When can we expect lv50 and the whole 'balanced' patch? I've seen 10 February will bring some HM levels, but no lv50 patch it seems. I am a lv45 BM, but losing nearly every match I play, very frustrating... I know it's a L2P issue on my end, but losing every single match, even against low levels, is frustrating as hell while on my lv35 Assassin (I started the game as Assassin but rerolled BM because it really drew me) I have a 7-win streak just like that.. Ugh :(
  11. I am playing Blade Master at the moment as it's the closest to what I play most of the time, which is a Sword&Board class. There are already mobs that use a sword and shield, sadly no class.
  12. This Game is NOT P2W

    I have to say though, as a fresh lv45, ow-PvP is absolutely horrible. It's like being a 3.5k gs fighting a 6k gs ArcheAge-style. I mean, people are rocking 40k hp and I am only 22k.. I hope it will be somewhat better once I progress more and get a better soulshield going, but trying to farm the PvP shield with all those high-geared reds around is difficult. But yea, coming as a long-time ArcheAge player, BnS is NOT p2w at all.
  13. Used 36 keys to get Golden Deva weapon, yesterday I used another ~30 keys on another weapon box. RNG... Worst is, I am not bothered by it, I have been playing ArcheAge (aka CasinoAge) for more than a year, so sadly, I am used to losing the odds of RNG. BnS is a breeze compared to ArcheAge :(
  14. These EU times are horrendous.. We just had a 4 hour maintenance on the 27th, only 2 days ago... They really need to do something about these EU times honestly. Even Trion is capable of doing maintenance for EU on a completely different time than NA for ArcheAge, usually they happen at 2-3 am GMT which is 5-6 pm PST for the EU region, which is perfect. (NA maintenance also happens at 2-3am but PST, which is the same in BnS) So annoying doing maintenance for both NA and EU at the same time.. :/
  15. I rolled Assassin to begin with because stealth classes have always been something I like to play, lately in a different MMO I have been playing a Sword&Board class which I have come to love, so at Lv35 with my Sin, I decided to reroll and check out Blade Master (being the closest to a Sword&Board class). I must say I am absolutely liking BM a lot, but I am having a lot of trouble in the arena, I'm only lv41 atm though. I'm definitely looking forward when I become better because I know most of my problems are a L2P issue, but there are of course players I have beaten, which is really enjoyable. If you like the class, you should stick with it, because that is ultimately what makes you better.