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  1. thank you for the post i hope it was reported already, how pathetic that they need to hack to win
  2. Diamond Blade Dancer PvP/Guide

    what is a bronze assassin doing in diamond elo are you sure you're not in the wrong elo? great guide though, it made me learn not to waste time on bladedancer and just play destroyer, summoner or assassin!
  3. F2P Mail Fix

  4. if you were a gm would you want to work 24/7 insta banning spammers? i think not, that's a very selfish thought.
  5. Everyone should be able to loot gold.

    i have never in my life seen a player foolish of this level not thinking of what the bots could do with the bonus gold if it was lootable.
  6. rest in peace dear windows 10 user :( right click blade&soul icon and click property then click compatibility to find it
  7. Trash war

    i prefer tera's openworld pvp i hate how you can't pvp anyone without uniform on
  8. if it becomes tradable bots make even more money dumbass :)
  9. Forcemaster can't win a match

    you lack alot of levels and experiance so its only natural for you to lose.
  10. Destroyer needs revamp

    it is true that destroyer dominates alot of classes at the moment, check this video out
  11. Stop Gold Sellers

    Paid Admins won't fix anything spit, we need a premium system for auction and trades so both gold buyers and sellers need to suscribe to trade gold for real money, it's true that this would make the game feel unfair but to stop the gold sellers the players must suffer from it and this is a win win situation for the company. They need to make it so you can only send one message in chat per minute instead of letting 1 bot do this They need to remove the party finder custom messages so bots can't spam links through it
  12. Why the BM badmouthing?

    I decided to start off as another class simply because they have heavy focus usage and little ways to recover it. Their guard is also underwhelming compared to Kungfu Master's guard that resists damage on successful counter. choosing BM after playing assassin is like downgrading to windows 98 from windows 7, i don't recommend it. You could perform far better as another class than wasting your time and effort in learning blade master, they say KFM is hard but it's much more worth mastering KFM over Blade Master imo.. even after the buff it will still be difficult
  13. so many arena bots

    daily quests for silver and you get exp for defeating bad players
  14. Level advantage.

    honestly the soulshield health increase and such in overworld pvp is just ridiculous their health differences, dps is overwhelming lower levels should have a chance to stand against them like in arena..